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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So I know that I just posted a ton of stuff about our trip to Utah and Idaho but I really wanted to document it. Plus it's mostly just pictures and not a lot of words.  So it should be fairly quick to read and look at all the adorable pictures of Whitney and my family!  I love my family!  It was really fun for me to get out of the norm of daily life and have a vacation!  To bad it didn't last forever!  Ha ha.  Now the only thing I have to look forward to is Whitney's birthday, and after that, life will be the same.  Sometimes boring, sometimes busy, sometimes exciting!   Any way, I just really needed to get all those post done with before Whitney's big day...the big ONE!  I have been so busy getting every thing ready for her Luau.  It hope it turns out okay!  In other news Whitney has taken her first steps! She's not 'walking' every where but definitely getting closer!  Thomas has taken the Dental Admission's Test (DAT) for the second time and got a much better score that he is happy with.  Last time was a 19, this one was a 21.  He has applied to about 11 different schools and we should hopefully hear from them in a few months.  Then it's time for interviews! As for me, I'm keeping busy with this girl of mine!  Doing to usual daily tasks and weekly chores.  Studying up on feeding aversions.  Taking her to all sorts of different Dr.'s. And finding time to just sit and play with her! 

The other day my friend threw Whitney a little party (because she can't come to the Luau). She is so thoughtful and so nice! We always have fun hanging out with them!

Singing to Whitney...she felt safer in the car!

A Birthday cake for me!?

Having way to much fun playing in it!

My friend's mother in law got Whitney a huge Pooh Bear!  So thoughtful!  And Whitney loves it!

Also...Whitney got her bangs trimmed again!  They sure grow out fast! Pictures of her hair and hair cut. Here are some before, during, and after pictures! Enjoy!

Playing 20 Questions

Watching The Price is Right

It doesn't take long to trim her bangs but Whitney thinks it takes forever!  I think mostly she just doesn't like the apron :)

So pretty!

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