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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whitney's 1st Vacation to the Beach!

Thursday I was busy packing and taking care of Whitney.  When Thomas got home from work he loaded the car.  We ate at Subway and then were off to the beach in Oceanside, California.  Whitney slept almost the whole way!  I drove the first half, and Thomas drove the second half. I get car sick when he drives, haha, so I slept while he drove.  We made one stop for gas and a potty break.  We got there around 12:30 AM. 

While driving we got a text from my mom saying that my sister Brianna fell on her face and broke her nose! They took her to the ER, got some xrays and pain meds.  I got chills and that sick feeling.  The same feeling I got when my dad collided with a truck on his ATV and broke his arm.  That same feeling that I got when Whitney was sick.  Anyways! back to the awesome vacation.....

June Gloom.  The mornings are cool and cloudy so we don't go to the beach till afternoon.  My parents time share condo is so close the beach it's amazing!  just a walk across the street and down the hill.  Unfortunately there was no beach this year...the city couldn't afford to put the sand on the beach, so the water came up to the rocks.  While every one was sleeping Thomas and I with Whitney went for a walk on the pier. It's five minute drive. 

I love the smell of the ocean and beach!  My family goes to the beach once a year!  It's the highlight of my summer.  It's a great vacation spot!

At the end of the pier is a resturant called Ruby's.  We decided to try it and got breakfast.  We had an awesome view of the ocean! It was so fun!

Family pic walking on the Pier. We bought a magnet that says Oceanside to add to our collection.  We've vacationed here twice before.  Whitney loved it and fell asleep after eating at the resturant on the walk back to the car.  We put her to bed and she took a long nap.  We watched a movie and got ready to go to the beach.  My family left about an hour before us.  It's only a 5 min drive to the beach, which isn't bad, but not as good as just walking!

I'm ready! Let's go! 

Just got to the beach for the first time!  Whitney K. with Gramma P.  

Sitting in the tent with the turtle.

Family picture on the beach.  So glad the sun came out to warm us up! It was so windy and cold!


I held Whitney's hands as she walked all over the beach.  Loving the smells and sights and sounds!  Getting us to the feeling of wet sand.   We took a ton of pictures! They pretty much speak for themselves!  Eventually Whitney wanted to sit and then play in the sand and waves.

We went back to the tent and warmed her up.  Then I went to boogie board and  swim in the ocean with my dad and colton, while my mom and thomas and clayton stayed on the beach with Whitney.  Later Brianna came.  She obviously wasn't feeling well and couldn't get in the water.  She wanted to see Whitney at the beach and play with her.

When we were done playing at the beach we walked around some shops at the harbor.  Bought a souvenir magnet with Whitney's name on it.  Drove back to the hotel we put Whitney in the swimming pool, also a first.  She loved it but it was kind of cold so we splashed warm spa water on her. 

The next morning, Thomas, me, and Whitney walked along the beach.  Did I mention I love the beach?  I don't want to live there or anything but I love to visit!  We enjoyed this lovely day with our daughter!    She took another long nap when we got home and then got ready to play on the beach again.  My dad loves to go deep sea fishing while in Cali.  We left for the beach and again Whitney loved to play in the sand and splash in the water.  The water was freezing I didn't want to get in!  (so unlike me!)  Thomas and I went for a long walk while my mom held my sleeping baby.  We saw a huge 'village' of sand crabs.  When we got back I decided I wanted to swim in the ocean one last time.  So me and Colton braved the cold waters.  After a while you get numb and it's way fun!  Surprisingly, I saw Thomas on the shore kind of getting in. so I waved him on and he actually got in with us! 

After we got home and showered and put Whitney to bed, Thomas and I went out to eat at Harbor Fish and Chips.  Got the classic fish and chips. That fish was huge and yummy!  It was perfect weather to eat outside by the heat lamps.  I love my husband!  He even got me ice cream!  Then we went back to the condo and walked down to the beach. Sat on a rock and watched the high tide ocean splash on the rocks and even get the street wet!  It was perfect and romantic :) But it got cold and late so we went back home.

My mom took these pictures on Sunday morning.  Whitney slept in her portacrib upstairs in the huge master bedroom closet. 

 Getting ready to go back home.  Her I love daddy shirt is a 6 month size, it was the only one they had and it was on sale.  It didn't fit her head so my mom cut a slit in the neck! haha.  It worked really well! 

 Whitney crawled around till she found the books! She's so smart ! :)

Very nice view from our window.

After the car was all packed up and ready to go, we checked out of the hotel and looked at the ocean one last time.

 My amazing parents!

Whitney loves to snuggle and give hugs.

Colton & Clayton

This pic is of them before we got there, I just thought is was really funny. 

We drove home the same way we drove there.  My sister Jessica and her husband Tim invited us over on our way home to eat dinner.  She made delicious bbq chicken with bacon and cheese.  We hung out with them for a while then finally got home.  It was the perfect vacation.  

We even did a prett good job of keeping Whitney feed the whole time.  She only spit up once too!  But for some reason she didn't gain weight this week... so that was pretty sad.  I just don't know what else to do.  I'm afraid she'll need the NG Tube forever...

My sister in law Mindy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 1:45 PM today in Orem? Ut.  Alyssa Gayle weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and 17 1/2 in.  I'm so excited to have a niece! They have a son, Bradley, who's 2 /12 years old and is so fun!