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Thursday, October 25, 2012


I can't believe I'm about to have kids!  Two of them!  It's not just Whitney anymore!  There will be another one to talk about and take care of!  We are just super excited!  A lot of my friends have two kids by now and it just looks like so much fun!  Although we are the only ones with kids within my "mormon (first year) dental students wives friends" they are still a great support to us and will be awesome "aunts and uncles."  I wanted to mention that they threw me a great baby shower. I'm so sad I didn't get any pictures!  It was way cute.  It was so much fun and I got some much needed gifts!  It was so different to see all the blue stuff when I'm so used to pink!  I'm glad I get to have a boy and a girl (although we do want more...later). 

The mama, at 37 weeks pregnant with baby boy Cameron

Keawe and I were also able to take the maternity tour at the Loma Linda University Hospital were Cameron will be born at.  It really sounds like a great hospital because they really encourage skin to skin contact for a whole hour after delivery!  They don't just take the baby away from you and do and the test and shots, they wait and they can also do it at the bed side!  They encourage you to "room in" with your baby so that he's not in the nursery, he's by you the whole time.  I think that all this is awesome and they really help with breast feeding too.  I technically don't know how to take care of a newborn (who does?) but I've been reading some books about it and I think this hospital will be really helpful.  I've said before that I'm totally nervous something will go wrong, yet also really hopeful that this will be a wonderful birthing experience. 

I also really like my OB/GYN Dr. I see him once a week now, which still to me seems like a lot but I do like knowing Cameron is growing well and that I'm healthy too.  He will be out of town and then super busy for the next two weeks so I have to see one of his partners.  But the plan is to have Cameron on the 11th of Nov. and Dr. Balli will be able to deliver him.  I'll be 40 weeks and I have several good reasons why I want to be induced then (if Cameron doesn't come sooner of course), so don't judge.  :) It's just how I feel and how my life works.

So Whitney is doing pretty well! She had a recent GI Dr. appt. here and it didn't go too well.  Whitney was upset and crying and barfing the whole time.  The Dr. had an accent that was very difficult to understand. That alone means that I must switch Dr.'s, because I feel that I cannot do my best to take care of Whitney when I can't understand what the Dr. is even saying!  I'm sure he's a perfectly good GI Dr., but I don't feel comfortable saying "what?" every other minute.  I just want what's best for Whitney and that means that I have to be able to connect with the Dr.  Anyways, he was saying something about doing the GJ tube again, and if that doesn't stay in then to do a separate J tube.  I told him why we didn't do it that way, but he still thinks it will be fine.  He also suggested a motility test, where they xray her for like an hour to see if she has slow motility.  Well, I've already decided that this test was pointless because we know she does and there's nothing they can do about it.  I don't want reglan or eryped meds because they don't help.  Then he suggested a medicine that is used to treat kids with cyclic vomiting syndrome.  I'm not sure that's what Whitney has but I want to try it (as soon as we get our ins. figured out).  I'd rather exhaust all the medicine options before we do any kind of surgery.  Although I do believe that Whitney would benefit from getting the GJ tube again.  But first I want to talk to her GI Dr. in AZ about it.  And my question for the surgeon in AZ is... What's better and or less risky... doing a separate J tube or doing a fundo on Whitney?  So after that GI appt. he wants to see her again in 3 months!?  I was like what!?  Normally a Dr. wants to see her in a month of trying out a new medicine to see if it's working or not.  So what the heck am I suppose to do with this vomit machine for three months?  It was just weird.  Anyways, we are seeing the GI in AZ in Dec. so that's good.  Whitney is throwing up a few times a day, for medical and psychological reasons.  Meaning, she doesn't digest her formula and when she is upset or just doesn't feel good, out it all comes.  The poor girl is usually covered in vomit in the morning.  So I have to bath her and then I get her all dressed pretty.  But by night time she is usually naked, again, because she got vomit on herself.  I'm starting to feel like a bum mom because I'm just so tired (being huge preggo) and don't take Whitney out much anymore.  Except for all these Dr. appt.s we usually just hang out inside, but she doesn't complain!  So here are the pictures in perfect order of her daily pattern of dressed and bathed in the mornings, then naked by night time!  Such is life!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


 Whitney driving us to the pumpkin patch

 Putting directions in the GPS

Adjusting the visor

 Getting some snacks

 Okay, now you know I'm joking... she doesn't really eat snacks!  (or drive!)

She's so corny!

Knocking on the pumpkin, or as she calls it, orange apple.

With Gramma

With Mama

Wish we had money to go into the petting zoo.  Although, I think the goats would have eaten her feeding tube!

She did not like sitting on the scratchy hay!

Hay! I don't like this stuff!

We just carried her up the big hay bales and had fun.

She doesn't scare crows, she just too cute!

That would be Brianna and Clayton, haha!

And here's farmer Mom and farmer Dad!

Whitney loved playing with all these flags! Counting them and naming them!

 Tall corn maze! Maybe we'll go in next year!

Grampa & Gramma with Whitney

Daddy couldn't go with us because he was at school.  But I'm glad my family got to do one last fun thing with us before the went back home.  We didn't have money to buy a pumpkin so I secretly put one under my shirt! For some reason nobody noticed! But it'll take another month before its ready to come out...


Brianna, Mama, Whitney, Colton, and Clayton at Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch.

Friday, October 19, 2012

How she likes to read

And boy does she love to read!! She does this every night in her crib too.  But I think her favorite spot is cuddled up with me, somehow she always finds space even though I'm usually covered with pillows and a huge belly!

Monday, October 15, 2012

General Conference

 General Conference Weekend is always an event us Mormons look forward to.  It happens twice a year, every April (Spring) and every October (Fall).  We get to listen to a Prophets voice speak to us! A true, living prophet.   This year they announced some very new and exciting news!  Missionaries get to leave for a mission when they 18 years old and right after high school, instead of having to be 19 years old.  Which, for us, means that my two younger brothers get to leave much earlier than planned for their missions!  Also the women get to go on a mission at the age of 19!  Can you imagine!?  If it had been that way 6 or 7 years ago, I probably would have gone on a mission!!  I think it's great that women can go much sooner now!  It gives us a great opportunity to go on a mission and still get married young! haha!  They also announced that a new Temple will be built in Tuscon AZ!  Hooray!  That will make Temple number 6 in AZ. I love listening to all the talks given over the weekend.  I also really enjoyed the General Relief Society Talks given the week before.  I really enjoyed this one.  

I'm glad that my family was able to come up for General Conference!  I'm also glad that they were all able to "mostly" fit on the couch!  I think it actually worked out great because we weren't super comfortable enough to fall asleep! haha! On Saturday, while the boys all went to the Priesthood Session, us girls went shopping!  We drove to an outdoor mall about 20 mins. away.  It was pretty fun even I didn't get to buy anything.   After conference weekend, my parents and 3 youngest siblings went to Disneyland for a couple of days.  Then they came back to spend on last night before heading home!  My mom and dad will come up a week before Cameron is due but I probably won't see the rest of them till Thanksgiving or even Christmas time!  But Keawe and I will have a lot on our plates with school and having a newborn around!  And just adjusting to a new way of life in general! 

My Dad's favorite Oatmeal!  He makes it every single Sunday!  I miss that! 

Playing games with the family.  I miss that too!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Newport Beach

 The first weekend in October we actually went to the beach!  Traffic was slow getting there.  The weather was amazing, nice and warm. Whitney loved playing in the ocean!  I loved having my sister's there to hang out with and they helped out a lot with Whitney.  They drove in to see us Friday morning the we went to the Newport beach that afternoon and stayed for quit a while!  We pretty much just played on the beach, walked on the pier, and found an interesting little place to eat.