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Monday, October 15, 2012

General Conference

 General Conference Weekend is always an event us Mormons look forward to.  It happens twice a year, every April (Spring) and every October (Fall).  We get to listen to a Prophets voice speak to us! A true, living prophet.   This year they announced some very new and exciting news!  Missionaries get to leave for a mission when they 18 years old and right after high school, instead of having to be 19 years old.  Which, for us, means that my two younger brothers get to leave much earlier than planned for their missions!  Also the women get to go on a mission at the age of 19!  Can you imagine!?  If it had been that way 6 or 7 years ago, I probably would have gone on a mission!!  I think it's great that women can go much sooner now!  It gives us a great opportunity to go on a mission and still get married young! haha!  They also announced that a new Temple will be built in Tuscon AZ!  Hooray!  That will make Temple number 6 in AZ. I love listening to all the talks given over the weekend.  I also really enjoyed the General Relief Society Talks given the week before.  I really enjoyed this one.  

I'm glad that my family was able to come up for General Conference!  I'm also glad that they were all able to "mostly" fit on the couch!  I think it actually worked out great because we weren't super comfortable enough to fall asleep! haha! On Saturday, while the boys all went to the Priesthood Session, us girls went shopping!  We drove to an outdoor mall about 20 mins. away.  It was pretty fun even I didn't get to buy anything.   After conference weekend, my parents and 3 youngest siblings went to Disneyland for a couple of days.  Then they came back to spend on last night before heading home!  My mom and dad will come up a week before Cameron is due but I probably won't see the rest of them till Thanksgiving or even Christmas time!  But Keawe and I will have a lot on our plates with school and having a newborn around!  And just adjusting to a new way of life in general! 

My Dad's favorite Oatmeal!  He makes it every single Sunday!  I miss that! 

Playing games with the family.  I miss that too!

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