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Sunday, October 21, 2012


 Whitney driving us to the pumpkin patch

 Putting directions in the GPS

Adjusting the visor

 Getting some snacks

 Okay, now you know I'm joking... she doesn't really eat snacks!  (or drive!)

She's so corny!

Knocking on the pumpkin, or as she calls it, orange apple.

With Gramma

With Mama

Wish we had money to go into the petting zoo.  Although, I think the goats would have eaten her feeding tube!

She did not like sitting on the scratchy hay!

Hay! I don't like this stuff!

We just carried her up the big hay bales and had fun.

She doesn't scare crows, she just too cute!

That would be Brianna and Clayton, haha!

And here's farmer Mom and farmer Dad!

Whitney loved playing with all these flags! Counting them and naming them!

 Tall corn maze! Maybe we'll go in next year!

Grampa & Gramma with Whitney

Daddy couldn't go with us because he was at school.  But I'm glad my family got to do one last fun thing with us before the went back home.  We didn't have money to buy a pumpkin so I secretly put one under my shirt! For some reason nobody noticed! But it'll take another month before its ready to come out...


Brianna, Mama, Whitney, Colton, and Clayton at Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch.

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