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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day before

Tomorrow morning we go to the hospital for Whitney's endoscopy (Upper GI).  Been packing all today so we are all ready and can wake up really early and just go!  Taking all her toys and books, a day's worth of formula and snacks, stuff for me, and a ton of other random just in case items. 

This procedure should only take 20 minutes! Her GI, Dr. M. will actually perform this procedure.  Whitney has to be asleep during this so that she doesn't move.  They basically put a camera down her throat to take pictures and see everything inside the esophagus and stomach.  We are seeing if there is anything thing "mechanically" wrong inside that could answer our question..."why is she not eating well enough to gain weight!?"  Afterwards, they will monitor her. Normally for an hour but with 'cardiac kids' it's 3-4 hours.  So we (my mom is coming)  will be there all day, but luckily won't have to spend the night! Hoping Whitney doesn't get a fever or vomit too much!  I think she will just have a very sore throat. 

I put Whitney's hair in a pony tail then decided it was long enough for a small braid!  I'm really not good at doing hair... I hardly spend time on my own hair. Whitney's hair is thin now but I would still love to learn to braid better!
On Saturday I spent all day shopping!  I bought a ton of decorations for Whitney's 1st Birthday Luau!  I've been planning for a long time and I can't believe it's almost here!  I came back home to take Whitney to the grocery store so that Thomas could study.  She loved it! My family came back from thier Lake Powell trip with the youth in our ward.  It was lonely without them but I'm glad they had a blast! 

Sunday was amazing, I really enjoyed church.  We also went over to my friends lucheon for her baby girl's baby blessing.  We had so much fun hanging out with a bunch of friends!  Whitney also really enjoyed playing with all the kids!  Kendal (almost 3) was really nice to Whitney and very curious about what was on her face.  We said it's a bandaid  and that it helps her eat.  She kept saying, "does your tummy hurt, it's okay." We had to remind her that Whitney was okay :) Adorable. They also had a couple of dogs there and Whitn could not stop saying "dog" and crawling to pet them! 
In this pic she is playing with Ammon.  His mommy and I went swimming together when we were big preggos!  He is a month younger but about 8 pounds bigger! 

Then we went to celebrate Thomas's sister's Birthday. They made delicious teriyaki beef skewers.  I made an awesome tasty angel food cake with strawberries and blueberries!  Here she is blowing out the candles but she missed one!  The room was all smokey!

Just some adorable pictures I took of Whitney today!

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  1. I hope everything went well with the procedure. She's a doll.