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Monday, June 20, 2011

Picture Update of Baby Whitney

Whitney will be exactly 11 months old tomorrow, June 21, 2011.  Also tomorrow I hope to have my first niece from my brother Derek and sister in law Mindy!  I'm so excited to see them!

Also, I apologize if I offended anyone from my previous blog post.  I am glad that every one reads my blog..even stalkers haha!  But hey, sometimes you just gotta write what's on your mind every once in a while so that you can move on!  Thank you all for caring about us! 

Whitney K. loves to help Gramma P.!  They always cook and clean together!

Aunt Brianna pushing Whitney on her train! She always laughs and loves riding on her train!

Whitney K. chasing after the dog, Xanthia.

She has been pressing the switch for the fan lately. She can only turn it off.  I always have it on but recently every morning it's already off! It was so cute, but when she was able to reach the light switch I had to move the crib! 

When she won't fall asleep, I wrap her up in the blanket and but some stuffed animals around her.  She didn't move from this position and fell asleep like this.  She smiling behind her pacifier in this picture.

11 months old!  wow, time flys!  She is growing so much and getting smarter everyday!  She is getting her top front teeth in too!  Today I was planning on replacing the NG tube but she actually threw it up this morning.  Poor sore face. Hopefully that will get better by our next vacation next week! 

Stay tuned for my next story about Whitney's 1st Beach Vacation!


  1. LOVE her! I can't wait to see you guys and squeeze that sweet girl!

  2. Wow, she is getting so big. Starting to look like a kid now and not so much a baby. She looks to be a good helper in the kitchen what a cute picture. Yay! for getting a new niece too, how wonderful for your family. Love and miss you guys always. Can't wait for vacation photos!

  3. What a pretty girl!!! Can't wait for your CA pictures!!!