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Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 9 Baby Blessing

This Sunday we were able to do Alyssa's baby blessing.  She was only 12 days old but Mindy wanted us there and I'm so glad we could be there.  Baby blessing's are very important and we got to see a lot of family.  My older brother now has 2 amazing kids! I have one nephew and one niece!

My entire family...missing Thomas

Alyssa Gayle wore Mindy's blessing dress.

My cousin's (from the Patterson side) daughter Isla and Whitney

All the guys

All the gals

Whitney, Jocelyn, & Penny

Playing with cousin Bradley, he was so loving towards her :)

They had lots of fun toys!

Matching dresses!
It so happened that my mom bought Whitney this dress before vacation and I packed it and then Katie gave Alyssa the same dress just because it is so cute!  How Fun!

Just hanging out at the Oldham's.  Whitney's first slide!

My love crawling around on the grass

Did not want to stand alone!

She was still mad, even with the pacifier!

Grand kids!

Alicia, Whitney, Mindy, Alyssa

Alicia, Alyssa, Mindy, Whitney (finally smiling)

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