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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 1 Drive to Utah

Whitney's 1st vacation to Utah and Idaho (11-11 1/2 months old)

Brianna, Whitney, & my mom at Lake Powell

Whitney loves the water even if it's freezing! She threw up like right when we got here so we just washed her off in the lake!  It is tradition though to stop at Lake Powell every year on the way up to Utah. We just like to swim around some after a long car ride. It's right next to Carl Hayden Dam.  The way up took about 12 hours because we stopped 4 times! Other than the throwing up Whitney did really well during the car ride!

Grammpa let her borrow his hat

Clayton, Jess, Bri, Me & Whit and I think Dad & Colton are in there somewhere.  This is in Page, AZ which is my favorite place ever!  The thing I love is the big blue skies, awesome weather, friendly natives, the lake, and the small town!  Thomas doesn't want to live here like I do but we need to at least have a vacation home here or retire here or name one of our daughters Paige!  HaHa!

The boys and baby

The girls

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