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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 3 of Vacation

This post has a ton of pictures and is mostly of one outing to Chuck E. Cheese!  My nephew Brad always goes to there with Grandma Patterson when she comes.  The whole family came this time!  This was Whitney's first time at Chuck E. Cheese and she had a lot of fun!

The kids waiting for coins & pizza

Brad's all time fave ride!  He and Whit rode like 20 times!

Love the big brown eyes they share!

 Patiently waiting for more coins

Chillin' & eating pizza crust

Holdin' on to Chuck

Holding onto her tight, she's heavy

And pushing her off :)

They won a ton of tickets! Obviously exciting...

Whitney also won a few tickets!


All of us!  Haha what a funny site to see at Chuck E. Cheese, all these adults and big kids playing the games!  Me & Whitney are in there somewhere and mom is taking the photo.

Whitney did not like the taste of the Fun Dip

Bradley's first cotton candy

and Fun Dip... we got him full on sugar! oops

Sweet newborn, my first neice, Alyssa.

Penny 11 months, Ezekiel (Zeke) 8 months, and Whitney 11 &1/2 months

They were fighting over Whitney's music toy and she was fasinated by the snap's on Zeke's shirt

Whitney loved to hang around the A/C vent (in Ut & Id they are on the floor)

The babies were very entertaining!

1 comment:

  1. holy cow! Your brothers look so different... they're all grown up!!! looks like you guys had a great time!