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Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 8 Shoshone Falls & fireworks

We spent the night on Friday at my Aunt and Uncle Searle's home. The added some rooms to their home is it is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so mad that I don't have pics of it.  In the family room there are 3 big windows that give an amazing view of the mountains.  They are farmers you see and have 6 strapping young men. 4 are married with children 1 is engaged and the youngest is getting ready to serve a mission.  We played a fun game with them called backwards charades where one person guesses and a bunch of people act out the word. In the morning my Aunt & Uncle Barlow took us to some river that was really cool.  They said it had way more water in it last week.

This is my family at Shoshone Falls.  The water here was also pretty low.  Jessica went boating with some cousin's instead.

Gramma & Whitney on a green hill

Decided to put up some embarrassing pictures of me!

In Utah and Idaho is seemed like we had watermelon every day.  Definately okay with me and Whitney!  I love watermelon and apparently she does too!

Colton and Clayton got a Snow cone and Whitney was just crying for one.  So Gramma got her one too and she loved to play in it!  This pic is of my aunt Gay and aunt Debbie. They were so glad to meet Whitney!

We drove back to Utah this day. It was about a four hour trip.  We picked up Tim (Jessica's) husband from the airport.  Glad he was able to come hang out with us.  That night the Stadium of Fire put on their fireworks show.  We went to a private golf course to watch them.


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