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Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 11 a walk in the canyon

Provo Canyon is beautiful!  If I lived 10 mins from something like this I'd walk it everyday!  They weather was perfect and this is in July!  Okay AZ is like 110 degrees!  Crazy!
Whitney falls alseep pretty easily.  We borrowed Mindy's stroller and of course put a towel down just in case, but luckily Whitney didn't vomit even though she was being tube fed.

Whitney, Alicia, Penny, Katie, Waterfall in back

We were actually trying to get out of the picture ha ha!

She woke up! And cute as ever!

Dad wondering off trail

Hold my hand! Don't let go!

Whitney always wants her Gramma, even has to hold her hand :)

Relaxing at the end of the one hour walk!

It rained again that evening and Whitney was dying to play in the rain. So I took her out in it!
I love Singin' in the Rain (the movie)

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