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Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Day of School

 I had to take a picture early Monday morning, Aug. 27th, for my husband's first day of Dental School!  He looks so handsome and smart!  He got a ride from one of his friends, there are a total of 5 LDS dental students attending the "SDA school!"  They are all married but we are the only ones with kids!  I'm perfectly okay with that though!  We did get married 5 1/2 years ago and planned to have a baby before we started school.  It just took him a little longer than most to get to DS because he couldn't apply the year Whitney was born because we needed him to be home with us and not too busy.  And he also had to work full time while going to school at night.  And Thomas got his bachelors in business instead of science which means he had to take a bunch of extra classes. 
 Thomas is now being called by his shortened middle name here which is Keawe.  Pronounce it Kay- AH-vay.  The first 2 days of school were orientation.  The next day was bio chem and Keawe said he remembered most of it from his college class, but the next two days of that same class were way more in depth!  He has a lot of studying to do this weekend to prepare for his first exam on Tuesday!  He has Labor Day off so he will get together with his study group.  But I think that is crazy to have a huge test after only 3 days of school!  Keawe is really good about studying and helping me out with chores... so far!  We will always have to accommodate for his changing schedule and still try to find time for family dinner and prayer and play.  

 A picture of me and Whitney on our first day of staying home together!  Aren't we so cute!?  We love to play together.  I've been a stay at home mom since Whitney was born, but I lived with my parents so there was usually always some else around.  Then, when we moved, Keawe was home with us for about a month in between not working and not going to school.  So this past week was the real thing!  The first couple days were hard and Whitney really missed Daddy!  It was so cute!  I did a lot of cleaning up and taking care of Whitney.  On Wed. we went to play group where a bunch of moms and their younger kids get together.  They usually go to the park but that day they did a fun little "dance class" at the church.  Whitney had a blast and I loved talking with my friends!  That week we also had a swim date with a friend who lives in our same apt. complex.  Getting out of the house at least once day will really help us stay sane I think! 
Being pregnant really throws of my sleep schedule.  It did the first time and it's doing it again!  But this time I have to fight it! haha!  I can't sleep in and go to bed late anymore because I have to take care of Whitney. I'm also tired because of lack of sleep.  Also her vomiting is really getting to me! I so wish she wouldn't throw up twice a day. We have a few new doctor appointments this month and I'm really hoping to get Whitney back into her speech and feeding therapy's soon! 

And here is a family picture of us!  Keawe, Ali (expecting Cameron), and Whitney. We are in front of our town home, which we love, heading out to church.  We feel really safe here and like this will be a great home to raise our kids for the next few years anyways, but we'll see.   Thanks for keeping up with the blog!  Always feel free to leave a nice comment!  We miss AZ!

1 comment:

  1. Your family is so cute. i just got all caught up on your new adventure tonight through my google reader after not reading blogs for a while ( I had 740 unread blog posts, yikes)

    But you have a beautiful family and a wonderful adventure ahead of you. I hope you are enjoying it and adjusting to all the changes well.