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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekly update of cuteness

 Whitney had her first pediatrician appointment here.  She did pretty well!  She stood on the scale and weighed 26 lbs.!  She only cried a little bit in the office.  She did throw up but not because she was crying,  maybe because it was the first thing in the morning, or she was getting anxious...who knows right!?  She always throw's up.  So I got to know the pediatrician and how the office works.  They were really nice and helpful!  First the resident checked out Whitney and she just screamed the whole time.  Then the Dr. examined her and she only cried.  I told them all about Whitney's history and they got me all the referrals I need, now I just have to call around.  Then Whitney got the flu shot and we headed home.  It's cool that this place is just up the street!  So close! 

 Whitney loves playing in our closet!  I put the leggings on her to see if the still fit and the do!  Sweet!  I took Whitney to Target last week to do some shopping and got her a cute skirt for a dollar and fifty cents!  Who can pass that up!  Too bad they only had it in one color, guess I could have bought another in a bigger size for next year huh!?  We also got to go to a market night in Redlands with a friend and her daughter.  It was pretty fun with vendors and a farmers market.  There were tons of people there, and lots of walking around.

 Whitney loves to go outside on the patio and throw balls around and ride her train.  Sometimes we play with water or in her bean bin.  I have to sweep to porch every time we go out there because there is always tons of leaves and purple flowers every where, and ants and spiders too.  Whitney still totally freaks out when she sees a bug.  Sometimes it's a dangerous bug like a bee or a spider and other times it's just a leaf blowing around.  It's still pretty hot outside and I can't wait till it cools down! 

 Here is a video just for my mom (and other close loving family members who read the blog)

 The other day Aunt Brianna called on the phone!  It was so nice talking to my sis.!  Whitney loved talking to her too!  But she was pretty preoccupied throwing the beans EVERYWHERE.  It's just so cute and too fun to make her stop throwing them.  I'm thinking I'll get Thomas to go out and clean it all up hehe!  When we had to go get ready for bed Whitney said "ni-nite nana" and gave the phone a kiss! 

 Last week I was 30 weeks pregnant!  Yay! only 10 more weeks to go!  Whitney came at 40 weeks and 3 days being induced.  So I'm hoping this little guy stays in long enough to be born on Nov. 10th,  11th or 12th (Veterans day) so he can have a cool Birthday and so that Thomas will be able to be there with out missing school!  That would make him born at 39 weeks and like 5,6,7 days.  That would be great.  I'm excited that my mom is able to come be with us for a few weeks around that time!  Thomas will be super busy with school!  Classes all morning and lab all afternoon with little time to study all night and all weekend.  We'll try to make sure he gets his fair share of bonding with our new baby and also Whitney time.  Thomas is doing so well in school!  He got a 96% on his first exam and the class average was 82%.  He is also confident that he got a high A on his exam this week too.  His teacher said that everyone in the class is use to being "top of the class" like in college, but someone has to be in the bottom now, even though everyone is smart.  I'm so glad Thomas is in the top so far!  He works so hard!  Last week they all did impressions and models.  It took him more than 10 tries to get a good impression!  haha!  Practice makes perfect though right!?  I wish I could have gone in and showed him how to do it!  It's fun stuff!  Then he had to pour up a model of his impression.  I'm so excited for him to become a Dentist!

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