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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekly fun and family


Last week was Keawe's first week of school and he did great. He came home most days for lunch and gets of early on Fridays.   Whitney and I had a nice fun time too hanging out together.  She loves to play under my desk! Which is great of course, except when she accidentally hits the off switch on the power strip.  That is gum in her hand, sometimes she just likes to hold stuff and not eat it! 

 Our ward usually does group play dates at the park but this week they got a mom to teach a little dance class at the church.  We haven't been to the park yet because it's kinda hot for me and I can't just let her run wild there, she's too young.  So this was a great op for us to get out and hang out with the others, safely and indoors! Whitney loved it!!  She doesn't follow directions very well yet, as you can see she is the one running around while everyone else is sitting! haha!  But she did really good imitating all the dance moves.

She got a gold medal and loves wearing it.  She'll she "neck" and point to it.  Whitney is throwing those purple squares in the air then helped clean up. 

 Over Labor Day weekend Keawe's family came to visit!  His mom, step-dad, and sister drove here on Saturday and left on Monday.  We did lots of fun shopping, eating out, and swimming!  Except on Sunday of course when we all when to church.  Merry hung out in the nursery with Whitney so I went to Relief Society for the the first time (with Kehau)!  We loved having them here, I just have to take more pictures next time!  

We love swimming!

After swimming we went out to lunch and said goodbye to our family. Glad they made it back home safely. But Whitney fell asleep as soon as we got there! 

 Whitney loves Auntie!

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