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Monday, September 24, 2012

Trip to AZ

 After about 2 months here in Cali, we made a little vacation trip back home to Arizona!  Keawe had a couple days break so that gave us about 3 1/2 days to spend in Az hanging out with family. I'm glad it's only 5 hours away and not any longer!  I packed all day on Wednesday and then Keawe packed up the car after school.  We headed out right after Whitney's nap (bad timing) and she stayed awake the entire drive!  We got there at like 11pm!  She complained for the first couple hours, then we got gas and found her DS video game, and that kept her entertained the rest of the way! She loves to "play" Mario!   It was nice being back home where Whitney spent the past two years (and I spent my whole life). 
We hung out at my sister and bro. in laws house one night.  It was way fun to have the whole family there (except Rhett, sorry) and Jess made amazing "Cafe Rio Pork."  The weekend was spent camping which I will write about in a different blog post (way too many fun pics)! And the Sunday we drove back home!

 Apparently we like to sit on Uncle Clayton!

 And tickle him!

 And squish him!

 And jump on him!

 And just have fun with/beat up on, poor Uncle Clayton!

 Tickle Alyssa!

 I hope they grow up to be friends! Or at least best cousins!

 The kids overtaking the card game!

 So much for the card game! But kids are way more entertaining right!?

 Everyone (cept Rhett) with Mom taking the picture

 Hanging out!

 He loves to entertain the kids!  I think Whitney missed her Uncles!

 Recently, she loves to do perfect somersaults!

 Whitney also loves to play with her belly button and loves to shout BELLY BUTTON!

  Busting out the iPad also draws in all the kids!

 Brad, Derek, and Whitney

 Uncle Derek, Whitney, and Papa


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