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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

She's sick :(

 Well, I do believe this is the first time Whitney has really been sick, with a "normal kid" sickness.  On Sunday she was a little off, waking up early and taking a nap before and after church.  Then on Monday she woke up covered in vomit.  So I bathed her like usual, and she did not enjoy her bath this time.  I noticed she had chills so I got her out and she was super irritable.  Poor baby threw up 4 times before 10am.  I gave her a short break from being fed.  Thomas got done with school early and came home.  We then started pedialyte very slowly and gave her some pain reliever.  Whitney also complained of a stomach ache and a head ache.  She was very clingy to me and just needed me to lay with her in bed.  Luckily Thomas was there to take care of "us."
 I obviously called the pediatrician and got an appointment for that afternoon.  I was freaking out because she was in a lot of pain and discomfort.  I thought the worst, maybe she re-herniated or had a bowel obstruction or pneumonia.  I was considering taking her to the ER or urgent care but I really hate hospitals and wanted to see if the Dr. could just check her out and tell me if it was just a cold or stomach flu.  Whitney rested and slept all day (with me).  We went to the appointment and the Dr. seemed pretty concerned about her. She lost a little weight, probably because she has been vomiting all weekend.  But she said that her lungs and heart sound good and clear but was worried about her hydration.  I assured her that we can increase her fluids easily but if she vomits then we would take her to the ER.  She suggested Zofran and more pain reliever.  Ear, nose and throat were clear, just a fever.  The. Dr. mentioned that this just came on and that other symptoms might come up later.  I guess I didn't realize that could happen, I hoped she'd be better in the morning!  

 When we got home, Whitney didn't scream in pain anymore.  She even pulled out the box of crackers and asked for one.  She was so hungry.  She held that cracker for hours and only licked it occasionally.  She seemed to be doing a bit better with the meds and watching Elmo.  We put her to bed early and she sleep all night long!  Although I was ready to go to the ER if she woke up screaming and vomiting. The pediatrician even called me around 6:30pm to see how things were going!

 After only getting pedialyte all night, she didn't vomit in the morning! She was very hydrated though!  She still had a fever but seemed to be feeling a little better.  She was still crying a lot and rested with me in bed for a while.  Then I really had to get up to pee and eat.  Whitney had to follow me even though she really didn't feel good.   She stayed downstairs for a while playing and even made a huge mess!  Apparently she got to the crackers herself this time!  We do this kind of "play" with our food at feeding therapy in the high chair so I couldn't really get mad at her.  But I told her no and we cleaned it up.  
Then she really wanted a bath so I did that too again and laid her down for a nap.  I noticed she was shivering on the monitor, yet her body was so hot.  I really hate that feeling when I'm sick!  The Dr. called me again to see how she was!  That seems really nice of her.  I told her she hasn't thrown up yet and that we started formula at half strength.  She if she gets worse to bring her in.  Whitney took a long nap though and woke up screaming.  Poor girl!  We gave her the pain reliever and zofran again.  She was very clingy again so we just rested on the bed, then later downstairs on the couch watching some Elmo again. 

 She fell asleep on the couch and when Thomas moved her upstairs she woke up screaming of course.  He put her in her crib but she threw up.  I felt so bad for her that I said she could sleep on my bed but then she was pointing to the rocking chair in her room (while crying).  I laid her on it and she settled down!  And a little while later she was asleep!  She still has a fever/chills but hopefully she will feel better soon!  I don't dare move her again, she'll just wake up and scream!  So we'll see how this night goes!  I'm sure she'll be fine soon,  right, it's just a cold!? and yeah the house is a mess and we had ramen for dinner! haha!  but I'd prefer to cuddle my baby back to health and I will definitely clean and sanitize tomorrow!  and yeah, it's almost 1am and I'm blogging about this crazy day!  I think I need a nice hot bath too!

1 comment:

  1. Poor Whitney! Poor you! I hope that she feels better very soon! Being sick is the worst! I can't image not knowing what is happening! I am sure its scary! Her doctor seems very nice and sincerely concerned about her! You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Hang it there!!!