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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Camping in AZ

Yes! I went camping being 32 weeks pregnant!  It was actually way fun and I slept pretty good!  My dad has all the camping gear and spent all day Friday packing.  We left Friday afternoon and drove about 2 1/2 hours north to a spot between Camp Verde and Strawberry.  It was getting dark fast so we set up tents and sleeping bags/ air mattress's and started a fire.  Whitney loved the fire and called it "Happy Cake!"   She associates all candles, cakes, and fires with being Happy Birthday.  That night we cooked our foil dinners and they were delicious.  Then we made smores and hot chocolate! 

We set up Whitney's pack n' play in our tent and put her in warm pj's and let her play mario on the DS. We had to cut a little hole in her new zipper jammies to fit her feeding tube extension through. It's easy and works great because they don't make snap up pj's for this age/size.  I think it was around 1 or 3am, that she woke up crying so I asked her if she wanted to sleep with Momma and Daddy in our bed.  She immediately stood up and wanted out.  I think she was just really cold because she just laid down with us and put the sleeping bag over her and fell asleep. So cute.   I'm surprised she slept threw all my tossing and turning!  We didn't have any problems with her feeding tube or pump all night! We gave her her meds as normal at night and in the morning.  She did throw up in the morning even though we gave her zofran.  She was just upset about getting her clothes on.  She really hates the long sleeves and pants! I think she's just use to being in a t-shirt and diaper so I'll have to work on that with the winter coming up.

We made egg burritos for breakfast.  It's easy to just crack a egg in a bag and fill it with other yummy stuff like ham or bacon bits or peppers or anything else you like/bring.  Cook it in boiling water for a while and it's done.  Although it didn't look very appetizing to me at the time so I went in my tent and ate a pop tart and took a nap.  All the boys went out somewhere to shoot guns (except for Colton).  Mom and Whitney played on the iPad while I was sleeping.  Brianna and Colton played card games.  Then I woke up and we all played card games and Whitney took a nap from like noon to 2pm.  Then boys came back and we packed everything up and headed back home.  I had a lot of fun even though I couldn't go hiking or shooting or anything.  It was Whitney's first time camping and for the most part she loved it and did awesome.  Keawe was also awesome about packing all of our stuff and driving the whole way!   I just love the smells of camping, the dirt, trees, fire, and food!  And hanging out with family is totally fun!


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