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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day Trip to San Diego

My parents came up last Thursday night to visit us.  They again brought a load of stuff from home like our bikes and my favorite desert painting and Whitney's home health care delivery of formula. Friday was spent relaxing and shopping.  Saturday morning we drove to San Diego!  My parents went to a wedding and we wanted to come hang out for the day.   Waiting outside the San Diego Temple was beautiful.

 Whitney's "I'm not gunna smile" face!

Whitney's big silly cheese face! 

Mama & Daddy 

Family pictures in front of the Temple

Daddy always making Whitney laugh!

We asked Whitney to point to the Temple and she did!

Grampa & Gramma with Whitney

Look deep into my eyes!  Very intense!

Very Beautiful.

Afterwards we all went to the wedding luncheon at a fancy hotel.  It was very nice!  Whitney did pretty good, playing with Gramma's i pad of course.  But it was getting pretty late and past nap time so we had to leave a bit early.  We wanted to go to the beach and on a ferry ride so we drove over to Coronado Island.  Whitney slept in the car for over an hour while we all got dressed and ready.  We played and relaxed on the little beach for a few hours, while my mom and Whitney played in the ocean.  It was the perfect little beach for Whit because there weren't tons of hugs waves.  But when boats would drive by it created so fun waves!  

Driving over the bridge to the island.

They played for hours!  Whitney loves the beach!

Warming up with Grampa on the beach.  Usually it's the other way around with my dad in the water and my mom on the beach! haha!

Nervous to touch the sand at first, then loved playing in it.  

Afterwards,  we got Whitney all showered off and dressed for the boat ride.  This was her very first boat ride so I will have to write it down in her "baby book."  First we ate ice cream at Cold Stone!  We rode the Ferry around sun set and it was beautiful.  It just goes from San Diego to Coronado and back again about every hour of the day.  Whitney had lots of fun even though it was windy and cold.  So glad she got that warm purple outfit from her birthday!

Chillin' on the Ferry ride

She's not happy for our little family photo!

She's a little pick pocket! haha! she just knows where Grampa's Phone and ipod are! 

Trying to escape?

Found a perfect little seat with a great view of the water.

After our fun little boat ride we just headed back to our home.  Whitney eventually fell asleep in the car and surprisingly, she isn't the one who threw up on the way home!  ;) We love it when my parents come to visit! We had a great last free weekend, before Thomas starts school!  They came to church with us the next day then left to go back home to Phoenix. 

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