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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moving Day/Week

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!  We are finally (mostly) settled in to our new townhome here in the Inland Empire of California!

Last night in her first home, my parents house in AZ

 On Thursday evening, July 26th, a bunch of friends came over to help us load up the Uhaul.  It was super hot outside but it only took one hour and lots of bottled water.  We slept in a downstairs bedroom that night and woke up early on Friday.  Keawe (Thomas) parents came over to help us load up the last stuff along with my family.  Then Keawe and Clayton drove the Uhaul with our Tiburon in tow.  Me, Whitney, my mom, and my sister Brianna drove in the Jeep, Dad and Colton took the big suburban, and Merry and Adam also drove out with us!  It's about 4-5 hour drive (depending on who is driving)!   When we got to the apartments I sign all the paperwork and they gave us the keys!  Keawe's Uncle Huey and his daughter meet us there to help us unload the truck.  So nice! With our awesome numbering the boxes system we knew exactly what was in each box and exactly where to put it.  We kept track of everything on excel spreadsheet.  Everything went smoothly and we are so grateful for all the help!  I haven't been able to take very many pictures since we can't find the battery charger for the camera.  Lost it on vacation to the beach I think.  And now I can't use my mom's charger anymore. 

 Loves "driving" the Jeep!

So we've only been here for about two weeks now and we just love it.  Our church is fantastic and super friendly!  That's a huge blessing for us because we are normally shy and don't make friends very quickly!  Everyone comes up to us and asks our names and such!  It's amazing!  There are tons of kids in nursery which I'm not to fond of but we'll see how it goes.  The area is pretty nice and I'm sure we'll find our way around easily!  We've been doing tons of unpacking and organizing.  Our townhome is two stories, small kitchen and living room and half bath down stairs, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and laundry room upstairs.  I really love this place!  Whitney and Cameron will share a room and the other bedroom is the office/storage/guest room! 

Fell asleep downstairs and hour before nap time.

Whitney and Daddy watching TV before our couch. Cat in the hat is one of the only shows she sit and watch.  I think because she is obsessed with the books!  She loves "Cat Hat" and "Green Ham" (Green Eggs and Ham) and many more!

I'm glad Keawe hasn't started school yet and isn't working!  It's been so helpful having him home for this big transition. We have been super busy here.  It's like starting out as newly wed's again! haha!  No food and no furniture! 
  I finally feel a bit more settled in because we just got a new/used couch!  Before, being 5 1/2 months pregnant, I had no comfy place to sit!  The dining room chairs were hard even with pillow.  Our bedroom gets really warm in the afternoon when I need to nap.  My parents came up this past weekend (we missed them and begged them to come).  They got me an awesome rocker/recliner as a baby gift and it is so comfy!  Surprisingly we still had a bunch of stuff left at home that they brought up to us.  Anyways then we finally found a great and inexpensive (below our $500 budget) couch to buy and my parents had their big suburban and that's how we got it home!  It's so comfy and I'm so glad we now have our furniture and lots of food!

And thus begins our 4 year adventure in Dental School. 


  1. I'm glad you found a couch and that Mom and Dad got you the rocker. Mine has saved me several times. Why didn't I have it the whole first pregnancy I wondered when we got it because it was so comfortable. :) I'm glad you are settling in. Hoping to see you all soon! Love, Mindy

  2. Congrats on the move and the start of a new and exciting chapter! I'm glad you were able to find a comfy couch! That makes such a difference for your poor pregnant self. I'm sure the grandparents are all going to miss you like crazy! I know I miss my folks so much its not funny. I'm jealous of your drive tho. It takes 18 hours and 2 days (if I'm driving solo) to get home!