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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Whitney's 2nd Birthday Party

Our perfect daughter turned two years old on Saturday!  She is growing up so fast.  It seems like she was 2 months old just yesterday.  We threw her a simple Rainbow themed party.  Invited all her friends.  Had lots of pizza, veggies and fruit.  Had a fabulous cake, cake-ups, and cup cakes.  And swam in between the dust storm and the rain storm.  Definitely a birthday to remember! This party was way easier to do than her first birthday Luau which took months of expensive planning. 

I invited all her friends, which of course happen to be my friends too (well their parents anyway).  I wanted them all to come because this would also be the last time I would be able to hang out with them before we move away.  I'm sure we'll all keep in touch and I'll see them when we visit but I'm so glad they came to this party.  The cake was done by Lizzy's Sweets N Treats through Icing Smiles which is a group that finds a baker to donate their time and talents by making a birthday cake for a sick or hospitalized child.  It is such an amazing organization!  I just applied and they looked at Whitney's blog for "proof" and she deserved a dream cake!  Thank you so much Liz for going above and beyond making Whitney's cake!  We got so many compliments on it and it tasted so good!  We just ordered pizza's for dinner and made rainbow fruits and rainbow veggies.  We also had rainbow soda.  While we ate and hung out we noticed there was a big haboob coming!  The sky was completely brown and the dust storm rolled in quickly.  Phoenix haboobs are amazing! After it passed we went outside to play with water balloons.  It took forever to fill them up and they were gone in like 10 minutes! haha!  At least the kids had fun!  Finally, everyone jumped in the pool and had a blast.  We swam for about an hour before it started to rain and lightening!  So we had to get out.  Then we opened presents.  Whitney enjoyed it this year!  She loved throwing the tissue paper everywhere! Haha!  Thank you for all the cool and fun and cute presents everyone!  It was getting late and past everyone's bed time so Whitney hugged and kissed all her friends good bye.  Most of all, Thank you Heavenly Father for our precious daughter.  Thank you for allowing us to be her parents and for letting us take care of her, we love her so much.  Happy 2nd Birthday Princess.

Birthday Girl!  Complete with Rainbow dress, crown, and balloon!

Whitney and Zeke

Whitney had to rescue the poor puppy from exile.

I just found this picture online in downtown Phoenix of the dust storm on Whitney's birthday.

She loves her friends and had so much fun with them!

Whitney and Raya

Whitney and Daddy

With Lily and her Daddy

Aunt Brianna (Nana) & Uncle Rhett (Tett)

So many choices!

Helping Daddy open presents or Daddy helping open presents

And this is what she did while we were preparing for the party!  She say's "Nana Nana, ipa ipa" While holding the high chair tray. 

PS I may post more pics later!!

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  1. What a great party idea! I loved all the rainbow stuff and how you used it. Way to go! Your daughter is beautiful and a miracle for sure. I'm so happy for you guys, I hope all goes well with the move! I do miss those great monsoon storms. We have big thunderstorms in the south but without the dust. Miss you!