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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Independance Day

I think it rained on Wednesday, July 4th.  But not at night so we saw some amazing fireworks.  We went out to Buckeye for them.  Peoria is usually super crowded.  Also my sister and her husband live in Buckeye.  They were going to meet us at the high school but they got out of a movie too late.  But it was really nice. Although pretty crowded, there was plenty of room to lay out our blanket.   We love fireworks and I'm so glad Thomas came with us.

Whitney had a great time too. She just had to have one of the light up swords that every other kid had! They are pretty attractive to they young eye. Luckily I just happen to have a five dollar bill in my pocket! She loved playing with her sword and it makes noises. Whitney also loved the fireworks. For the first 5 mins. Then next 15 mins. she was jumping on us and playing Mario on the DS. She did lay down in between me and dada, so that was nice.

Afterwards we fought traffic and headed over to Jess and Tim's house for pizza dinner and more fireworks. Whitney kept doing the sign for more! More sparklers dada! We stayed out way too late, keeping Whitney up till 11pm! Same with the night before when we drove over there for dinner (40min drive). Those two times totally threw of her sleeping groove! Thank goodness we are back to her 8am wake up, 2-5pm nap, and 9pm bedtime!

Whitney's speaking skills are improving more and more everyday! Ever since she got the GJ tube and the much needed nutrition, her brain developing much better! She talks her adorable jibber-jabber still, but when I ask her to "say it" she does! Instead of doing the sign language and grunting. She still does do lots of signs though. She says more, please, thank you, off, on, in, out, down, up, dog and everybody's name! Papa, Nana, Mama, Dada, Co-tin (Colton), Cay-tin (Clayton), Nana, (Brianna), Tett, (Rhett), Cacaca (Jessica), Tima(Tim), and now Ger-gok (Derek). She also loves to say buh-bye to everyone before she goes upstairs for bed. So sweet! And is learning to put 2 words together. Whitney is also interested in the potty! I put her on it right before her baths and she knows she is suppose to go "pee pee" and "poo poo" in it. She hasn't yet but I'm not officially potty training her yet!  Whitney is so obedient and helpful!  I am loving this and savoring it, because I know it will not last long!

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