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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Video: Whitney's First Vocalized Sounds

Whitney's first audible cries! This was taken just a few short hours after they extubated her (took out the tubes from her mouth). If you need to compare Whitney's cry to the sound of a full blown baby cry, just listen to the crying baby in the background.


  1. So cute! Newborns always sound so precious! Even if they sound raspy!!!! Whitney, you are blowing my mind girl! What a strong, wonderful girl you are! I am so glad to hear she is off the ventilator. YAY!

  2. I loved reading all about your little miracle. We pray for her every night, even though we don't know you well, we feel closer to you through our prayers. It is very touching how all these prayers are being heard...And even more touching is the faith that you two have as parents. Thank you for your example.

    Katie Seguritan

  3. YAY! Whitney's first cries! (And thanks for pointing out the comparison you can make to the other baby in the background. I found that rather funny.)

    It's so wonderful all the new things we find to look forward to. First was her very survival and unfailing doctors and machines, then recovery, and now praying not just for her body to get better, but her voice to grow strong! You and Whitney have come such a long way, it's amazing!

    I look forward to my next visit with her, and maybe getting to hear that sweet little voice in person myself!

  4. Your video brings tears to my eyes !!! I am so happy for your family ! We never heard our son cry.
    I think that Whitney is AMAZING ! What a strong willed and spirited little girl you have there. I dont have to tell you to cherish her because you already do!
    Congratulations on this HUGE milestone ! I continue to pray for your family daily.
    Christy Michel
    mommy to Drake Alexander Michel
    2-18-08 - 4-6-08

  5. Happy dance, happy dance!
    o(^.^o) (o^.^)o

  6. She is beautiful! I hope all continues to progress well! <3