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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time Stood Still

This is Alicia finally writing in the blog now. I haven’t written since before Whitney was born. Well I suppose I’ll start with the story about holding Whitney since that’s were we left off. I stole the title from Katie, Quinn's Mom :)

The day I first held my daughter was wonderful. When Thomas and I got to the hospital they made us wait for a while to see her because they were doing sterile line changes on another baby in her pod. Then we went in and Thomas had to leave soon for school. When he left I went to pump in their breastfeeding room. When I came back the nurse said that she’s going to kick me out soon to change Whitney’s lines now. I texted my mom that because she was on her way over. Then the nurse looked at Whitney and said “do you want to hold her?” Well yeah! I thought. But I said I wanted my husband here with me. But she convinced me to just hold her now. The Nurse said that she thinks Whitney is stable enough to be held now. So she swaddled my daughter and very carefully put her in my arms. Amazing feeling to finally hold my baby. She was awake and only cried for a minute until she go t comfy in my arms. Then she looked at me and I kissed her cheek. When my mom called to say she was at the hospital I just told to come on back. She saw the empty isolette and was so surprised and happy to see me holding Whitney. Mom immediately got out her camera and took lots of great pictures. She also video taped it with my video camera. Eventually Whitney fell asleep. Originally the nurse said I could hold her for 20 to 30 minutes but I ended up holding her for about an hour! I hardly noticed the pain in my left arm from her head resting on my arm for so long, not being able to move her at all. When I close my eyes I imagine her in my arms and feel her weight on me, her love for me and mine for her. I love her so much and feel more bonded to her.

Thomas got to hold her the next day. He is such a good daddy and just loves her so so much! He was very excited to get to hold his daughter for the first time too. He did a really good job. The day I held Whitney, my cousin Katie in Utah had her first baby. Congrats! Penny Lynn is beautiful! Thomas and I also held Whitney on Saturday after Grandma & Grandpa H visited her. Also my Bishop and his wife came by to see our little miracle. Busy day!

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  1. That is so exciting! Thank you so much for updating the blog frequently! :) Everyone is always checking in on little Whitney.