Battle with Right-Sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Step in the Right Direction

Yesterday, Whitney took another step in the right direction. The doctor decided that Whitney was strong enough to be taken off the oscillator (a type of breathing machine) and be placed back onto the regular ventilator. They said they'd put her back on the oscillator if she couldn't tolerate the ventilator, but so far she's doing fantastic. We were told that if all goes well, they will try and start feeding Whitney today!

Feeding. This is going to be our next new challenge. Whitney's intestines are all jumbled up because of the surgery, and they are not in the normal shape or order that a normal non-CDH baby would have. Therefore, we were warned that Whitney may possibly have digestive complications throughout her life. Not all survivors of CDH have complications, but the doctor just wanted to let us know that its a real possibility. I suppose that it makes sense. After the surgery took place last week, the surgeon also spoke to us saying that her large intestine were also a bit rearranged. Her appendix (which they were unable to remove during surgery) was located on the opposite side of her body than a normal person's. We don't know what that means at this point, but the surgeon did tell us that in the event that she has appendicitis, it's important that we know where her appendix is and to tell the pediatricians of its location as well.

So again, they want to try and start feeding her today, just a little bit at a time to see if her intestines can tolerate it. So far she has stooled a few times so we know they are functioning.

We ask for everyone's continued prayers that Whitney will continue to improve in her condition because its not over yet, the road to recovery is still long, but we've now climbed over the peak of the mountain and we can see the smooth valley up ahead. We've heard your prayers, and have seen God's miracles shower upon us. I especially am so greatful because I don't know if my trembling faith alone could have been sufficient in this hard time. It feels so much better now than before. I could never image that so many people would plead to God on our behalf.


  1. Just amazing how far your little girl has come! We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers for continued progress. Stay strong!

    :-) Patty

  2. What beautiful news every day!!! So happy to hear how she is improving; what a miracle! :)

  3. I love reading about Whitney's progress...and what progress it has been. I know Alicia's mom, Brenda, and I'm so excited for the blessings you are receiving in your time of need...and to your comment about "people pleading to God on your behalf", it is allowing our faith to be strengthened as I will surely continue my prayers for all of you.
    Mary Riffle

  4. Awe that is wonderful news you guys. I have chills for baby Whitney, how exciting. Feeding I bet Alicia is excited to have precious baby girl eating the food she is making. I know being a Mom it is so sweet to give that gift. So I will pray extra prayers that she can digest it. Thanks for sharing this news. I look everyday sometimes twice just to see how she is. We are praying for her to be healed completely and God holds her in His hands. May God bless you all. Give baby Whitney kisses for me. I hope when she gets off everything I can come do photos again of her without all that!