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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweetie Pie! ...and a nice surprise ending...

This video was taken on the evening of 8/10/2010. We got to hold her in our arms again and we love to talk to Whitney. She is very responsive to both her mommy and daddy. The ending might be a little nostalgic for some of you veteran parents out there. For us it's all new.

As far as an update on her condition: She is still doing very good. For the most part she is digesting her feedings well except for an occasional throw-up here and there (hint: see video). They are still slowly weaning her off the ventilator.

Whitney has been living in a crib now since Aug 6th, and one of the nurses found a musical toy that now sits in Whitney's crib. They also made a little tent for Whitney so that she wasn't bothered too much when she's trying to sleep.

Check out Whitney's crib!


  1. Oh My GOODNESS! She has such BIG Beautiful eyes! Now that she isn't as swollen you can really see them! Words can't even express how ecstatic I am for you guys! I am more than excited to here how well she is doing and hope her mom and dad are doing well too! :)

  2. My aunt is a nurse in the NICU there :) I have been following Whitneys story since reading about it on Leslies blog. You have all been in my heart and in my prayers. I am so happy that Whitney is doing well.

  3. I miss Victoria spitting up on us. She was really the only one that did it alot. I am happy you get to experience those things for yourself. I cant wait to hear Whitney saying her ABC's for everyone and singing Families Can Be Together Forever in Kid talk. Its so cute when they try to say the words but they just don't quite come out right...Im happy you will have the chance to teach her the words. We are so happy for you guys.
    The Chandler's

  4. She is beautiful! I love her dark hair! She is looking much less swollen, keep kicking butt Whitney!!

  5. So. CUTE!!! She is looking healthier each time I see her! Thanks for the videos! And you're right about that bear face, Thomas. I similarly thought that such a face was more likely to scare young children than sooth them, but...whatever Whitney wants!

  6. Also, I think that's more likely to be a type of angel fish than a goldfish, Thomas. =P Goldfish are freshwater fish, aren't they? I'm pretty sure they'd die in an ocean, which I assume is the setting in that music box judging by the whale. ^_~