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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nothing Could Be Sweeter!

Whitney turns 39 days old today!

This is Thomas writing, instead of writing paragraphs, I thought today I would just post some pictures and comment on them. Summary: Whitney is doing fantastic, and we can't wait to be able to take her home. All she needs to do is take all her feeds through a bottle and then she's all ours!

This is the last picture we have of Whitney before they took off her nasal cannula. The nasal cannula at this point was on a very low flow and was not giving her any oxygen support, just helping Whitney open her lung up all the way when she took in each breath.

Here she is the very next day! The only thing left on her face is the feeding tube in her nose. It was so amazing being able to see her face for the first time without any beathing assistance. She is even more beautiful than I imagined.

Whitney and mommy posing for the camera. My two favorite girls!

Having had tape and tubes plastered to her face for a month has left a little redness on her cheeks, but that goes away with time.

Playing with Whitney seeing her big baby brown eyes looking up at me is most fulfilling. Sometimes it looks like she is smiling, but she hasn't yet given us a true smile. Just something to look forward to.

Whitney is fast asleep in mommy's arms. Bonding with Whitney like this is very theraputic in nature and helps us as parents heal from all the stress and anxiety that once plagued us every day.

Whitney sometimes falls asleep with a worried look on her face. I haven't quite figured out why. I hope she is comfortable.

On August 23rd, Whitney experienced her very first BATH! She was wailing and crying the whole time... so it wasn't the funnest thing she's ever done. She has had a second bath since this photo was taken and from what I was told, she tolerated it much better the second time.

All that beautiful hair being matted down from the soapy water. I was holding the camera while Alicia and a nurse bathed Whitney. Whitney kept looking at me as though to say "Daddy! Save me from this wet torture!"

Dispite that this picture was taken a day after her bath, her hair pretty much sprang straight up just like this as soon as her hair dried out after the bath. Her hair just can't be tamed. Whitney gets lots of compliments on her long dark hair.

Whitney can always depend on mom being there to hold her. Whitney loves mommy!

We got to dress Whitney up in a pretty sweet outfit. Some outfits we give her last a couple days, while others have only lasted a few minutes before needing to be replaced.

Back at home we have set up her brand new crib. Its a dark brown color. We got it online from Walmart.

Here's another angle. We have "Christina" (the doll) saving Whitney's spot for when she comes home. In the background is a dresser/closet full of Whitney's clothes, toys, blankets, and other miscellaneous stuff we received from Alicia's baby shower.

Here is another top view.

You might have spotted it, but we have a video monitor so that will be able to both hear and see our baby girl when we're not by her side.

The video monitor is a handheld device that you can clip to your belt or put in your pocket. It has a decent size screen that displays in full color. When the lights go out, the camera shines an infrared light on the baby so we can still see her at night time on the monitor.

It kind of looks like a cell phone. The box says it was designed for tech-saavy parents. For our baby shower, Alicia's co-workers chipped in together to get her a video monitor, but it was broken when we opened it, so we returned it, and exchanged it for this one instead.

Whitney here is showing us her cute pink tongue and is holding her first toy, which is basically a set of multi-colored rings with different textures. Whitney likes to stick her tongue out every once in a while for everyone to see.

Here is another outfit. Alicia really likes this outfit. I took this picture as soon as we got it on her, which is a good thing, because this is one of those outfits that didn't last very long before it needed to be changed. :)

Here is her Soothie that is sewn onto the beak of a stuffed duck animal. This soothie works miracles. She will be crying and crying as though she's in pain, but as soon as we stick this thing in her mouth, she starts sucking away at it, and she looks as content as ever.

Alicia and Whitney bonding. I also get my fair share of bonding time, too.

We are using the Dr Brown bottle system. A number of nurses including the Speech Therapist highly recommended this bottle for Whitney since she is learning how to feed from a bottle. I don't know the science behind how the bottle works, but we have seen positive steps in the amount that she has been taking in ever since we started using this bottle. The goal is for her to take in 85 mL of formula at each feeding. She is currently taking in between 30-60 mL during each feeding. Once she has taken her feeding completely by bottle several times in a row, they will discharge her from the hospital! Some nurses are optimistic that she will be home in a week, while others are not so sure. The nurses all agree that its up to Whitney when she's ready to come home.

Whitney has been our little drama queen. I think this photo is so adorable.

Nothing could be sweeter than seeing our baby girl breathing on her own, and doing so well. She has fought so hard and has been aided by the healing mercy of our Heavenly Father. Thanks to everyone who has donated their faith, prayers, time, talents, and gifts. You have all been answers to our prayers and while we may or may not be able to repay the favor, I can tell you that we will never forget your kindness. We will never forget you and what you have all done. Everyday I thank God for what he has done. Let's not ever forget Him either.


  1. Yay! She is so sweet and cute bed!!! I love it!!

  2. Everything is so adorable and happy! She couldn't be cuter, and I love her hair!

  3. I feel so close to her and you both by reading this blog. She looks so sweet and strong too:) Love the colors of her new bed. Keep the cute hair doo!!

  4. That was Aunt Wendy but my husband cks this bog out too. We Love U