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Sunday, August 22, 2010


ALICIA :) I don't really have time to blog but I will anyway because I want to keep everyone updated. Having a baby in the NICU leaves not time to do anything else! Our day basically consists of sleeping, eating, checking email, paying bills, driving, and visiting Whitney. We'll hang out with our families but don't really have time to hang out with friends. We are so grateful to be living with my parents! We are grateful for a good, working, reliable car. We are so grateful for all the prayers and support we have received. We are so so grateful for our daughter Whitney.

Alrighty, so yesterday Whitney got the Broviac line out of her leg! That means that she is tolerating full feeds and does not need the TPN anymore. She's gaining some weight so that's good. Every four hours she eats 80mL's of formula. First they bottle feed her and she does okay with that. She took 30mL's from Daddy today! Then the rest of it they 'force feed' her through the tube.

Yesterday they put Whitney on a low flow nasal cannula. It's the same one but there are a bunch of differences the nurse rattled off. All I know is that she's getting better! Whitney's other huge accomplishment is that the dr.'s said she is officially at Level Two acuity! She is still in the Level Three Nursery, and probably won't be moved (to a different nursery) so that the Dr.'s can still keep a close eye on her.

Whitney is now seeing a Speech Therapist! No, she can't talk yet, they help her with bottle feeding. She was evaluated and then they try lot's of different things to try to help out so that she can take a full bottle feed. Whitney is on her way! Just a repeat of an earlier post, Whitney and I will stay indoors for the entire Flu season! And only Immediate family with no signs of sickness, can hold her when she is home.

We are so glad that my brother and his wife could drive down here and see Whitney. They hung out for a few days. It was also fun to see their son! When my bro. was with me and Whitney, we were taking pictures right after she finishing feeding. I guess I moved her around a little to much and she threw up all over me! I felt really bad for her, but it was exciting to have my first spit up, I mean she spewed! It was a ton, my poor baby. Fun stuff.

Whitney still wears the splints on her hands to keep her from clenching her thumb under her fingers. Also, today Thomas and I got to dress her! Well, the other day we did put a oneise on her that Brianna had made, it had Whitney's initials and a big sunflower! I decided that her first outfit would be the adorable dress that my good friend Sara gave her. And wow, did she look so cute! (hopefully it's not covered in poo or spit up by now or even lost). Well, we look foward to another crazy week in the NICU.


  1. She's more beautiful every day! I love the little dress and the spit up picture. Thanks for letting us come be with you all. Much love!!!

  2. AWW I'm so glad she got to wear it. I was worried she would grow too big before getting to dress up. It looks great on her I am so happy for you and grateful for your sweet miracle.

  3. She is adorable! I'm so excited that she is has cannula! I love the flower in her hair!!