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Friday, August 13, 2010

Good News: Extubated

Whitney Kaholumehekainani Montgomery is 3 weeks and 2 days old.

We called the NYICU (Nursery Intensive Care Unit) this morning when we woke up around 8AM, and they said the nurse was on break but Whitney is doing good. We needed to bring in my breast milk for Whitney so we left for the NICU around 11:30AM. Thomas called again just to let them know we were coming with it and to visit her. The nurse said that they EXTUBATED her! At 9:15AM. That means they took her off the ventilator and put her on the high flow nasal cannula! They didn't say that this morning when we called so I was very surprised. I wish I were there for it because this is an amazing step toward getting all better. I feel like I'm missing a lot of achievements and cute things she does. Whitney looks beautiful and is doing fantastic! It was amazing to see her this way! We are so happy.

Now she has her feeding tube down her nose, and nothing in her mouth! We heard our sweet baby girl cry today for the first time! We heard her make a little peep when she was born. Her cries today were so sad, and soft. She basically has a very sore throat but it should get better in a few days and she'll be screaming loud and clear! I'm so excited! :) Whitney's getting 40 mL's of milk and they are increasing it by 5mL every 12 hours and weaning down on the TPN (nutrients that get to her via Broviac). Once she at 70mLs they'll take out the Broviac, and that means they get to bathe her! She is tolerating her feeds very well and I hope to someday breast feed my baby. We'll see!

Today, Whitney and I bonded. Skin to Skin. They call it Kangaroo Care. It was so nice to be able to hold my baby on my bare chest. I held her there for over 2 hours! It was such a good feeling and something I yearned to do since she was born. I love my daughter so much. I know she is doing so well because Heavenly Father is answering our prayers, every body's prayers.

The nurse told us to find a Pediatrician soon so that we're not doing that at the last minute. They gave us a list of 3 Dr.'s that they recommend. So that is what we will be doing next week. I guess we just meet with them and see which one we feel most comfortable with. And of course to make sure that they know how to take of babies with CDH. I think that after all this, I'll turn out to be one of those...'helicopter moms'.

And we bought Whitney a crib today! I found it online at Walmart, we also bought a mattress of course. It'll be here in "7 -10 business days." I could have done this earlier but had no time. I've been looking at cribs and mattress for a long time (since early pregnancy) and I'm so happy that we could get one for Whitney! I washed all her newborn and 0-3month clothes, but she probably won't fit into her newborn outfits, sad. She doesn't wear the newborn diapers anymore. Sorry for talking on and on and boring, but I haven't written for so long. Oh well, thanks for reading!


  1. Alicia... this is Kira. I was one of your YCL leaders at girls camp with Sister Kidd. I'm not sure if you remember me... but I remember you! You're daughter is absolutely perfect and beautiful! I'm so happy to hear how well she is doing. My family and I have been praying for the three of you often. Thank you for posting on your blog almost daily... it's pure evidence that Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayers! Again, Whitney is ADORABLE!!!

  2. oh yes! I do remember you! That's so cool that you read my blog! Thank you so much for praying for us. We really appreciate it.

  3. I don't think its boring at all. I'm so excited and glad to read about you getting to do some of the more normal new mom things. It's a beautiful miracle and I'm delighted to hear all about it.

    You got to buy a crib! SWEEEET! Especially since I know it was so hard to make the decision to wait to buy one... Besides cribs and baby clothes and little bitty shoes and so soft blankets are the fun parts. Enjoy it! Revel in it! Blog away. You deserve it and besides, its fun! :)

    Whitney is a DOLL! I love that full head of dark hair! So cute!

  4. I agree with Ami: your blogs are NEVER boring. In Whitney's case it's especially exciting to hear about the mundane, because that attests to Whitney's continuing improvement. YEA!! I loved reading about your bonding with her. That is SO important and I am so happy for you, both of you. I can hardly wait to see my precious little granddaughter today!

  5. Alicia, this is Sara's mom writing. We have followed your journey for such a long time. You are my hero. This sweet little baby could not have come to more able parents. I know Heavenly Father has heard our prayers. She is certainly a miracle baby. I love reading your blog, it brings me to tears everytime. Thank you for letting us share in your anguish and happiness.

  6. What a happy day!! Sounds like Whitney has taken charge and is moving things right along!

    Much love and prayers, Patty
    mom to Charlie, LCDH survivor, 2/4/09

  7. WONDERFUL!!! I'm so happy, what a terrific thing to find out! I hope you post pictures of her "new look" soon!

    And everyone is right, these posts are definitely NOT boring! Even the small things are beautiful bits of news to hear, and I love seeing this blog updated often, even with "ordinary" things! It helps us, who aren't with her as much as you, to feel closer to Whitney.

    You guys may need to go back to the "Thomas posting!" or "Alicia posting!" announcements at the beginning of the blog. I thought Thomas was the one writing until it said, "We need to bring my breast milk..." My brain had to reboot for a second before I realized, "Ooooh, this is ALICIA writing." I mean, things like that will help us figure out who's writing without you saying so, but a little warning would save me from horrific mental images. Just saying.

    I laughed several times at the "sweetie pie" video you posted last time. You guys are just as adorable as Whitney. <3

  8. Definitely not boring!!!! I am hanging on every word you both post. I wish I could be there with you to cheer in your happy moments. I tell my whole family and all my friends every time something exciting happens. I am so so happy for you all. Again Whitney is beautiful and I am so happy for you!!! Much love,

  9. SO exciting!!! Very happy for these positive steps closer to bringing your daughter home! Thanks for your comments on our blog and your prayers for our daughter. I know God has special plans for our girls!!