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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vacation! Last Days 4,5, & 6

... At the beach, swimming, swapmeet, Mormon Battalion, and the Pier! 

Thursday we spent the day at the beach again!  We love it!  That morning though, Whitney threw up formula.  Which means her GJ feeding tube curled back in her stomach, feeding her stomach instead of her intestines.  This was the 3rd time so we pretty much just left it that way and "kept and eye on it."  Meaning we made sure the long part of the tube stayed in her stomach and didn't flip up into her esophagus due to all her retching!  Thankfully it didn't, and it's rare if it did, so we just continued to feed her as usual but dealing with more vomit than normal.  Thursday evening we walked on the pier to go eat at the resturant at the end called Ruby's.  We went there last year for lunch and it was pretty fun.  This time it was really crowded so we waited about 20-30 mins to be seated.  Then waited another 20 mins just to order food!  By the time our food got to us it was not even warm!  I mean, how long can it take to get our chicken strips and grilled cheese sandwich!?  It was just ridiculous!  So they took $5 off our tab and we didn't tip them.  3 hours total for cheap yet costly food is insane! Plus Whitney threw up while we were there and cries when the waitress comes around.  We went out to eat at IHOP another night and Whitney threw up there too!  I feel so bad that she doesn't like to go out to eat.  She does like to drink water but that also makes her vomit everywhere!  Don't worry though, I'm very prepared with my big cups to catch it in and bibs and extra clothes!

Friday I called the Dr. about her feeding tube and they scheduled us to get into IR to replace her tube on Monday afternoon.  Whitney gets only 2 hours off her feeding pump a day, but because she was throwing formula I tried to keep her on it all day.  Except for a little swim time.  She gets 51 mls of formula an hour which is just short of 2oz.  so not much at all.  When she's throwing up way over 2oz a day, we just keep her hooked up all day.  She always throws up if water gets in her mouth so she did a lot of that in the ocean. When she was in the pool though, I heard her coughing and knew she'd vomit so I ran her to a bush, in a vase... :)  So we just hung out in the cool condo all day, did the puzzle and got a long comfy nap!

Saturday, June 23, we went to San Diego again to hang out at the Swap Meet!  It was more like a gigantic yard sale as in "vendors" were just selling their old junk!  But I suppose to some people they could find something cool.  We got Whitney a cool toy and me a new cell phone case but that was it!  We did get some delicious kettle corn.  We like the Orange County Marketplace way better but it was closed that weekend!  Good thing we are moving to CA this year so we can go to that one! haha! 
Afterwards we headed to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site.  It was a pretty cool place and I learned alot.  Whitney did okay there but she was pretty tired.  We drove home and Whitney slept the whole way.   Later that evening we took one last walk on the pier to watch the sunset.  It was our last time to see the ocean and enjoy everything around.  Can't wait to be able to go more often because we will be living an hour away from the beach when we move!  We drove home Sunday morning and the 6 hours went by just fine, with few vomits and upsets! 

Panning for (fools) gold!

Covered Wagon!

Official Picture!

Walking toward the pier, pretty close to the timeshare!

Cold outside!

We barely made it in time to see the sun set! haha! 

Family Photo on the pier!   It was so cold we bought hot chocolate and Noodle soup!

Park fun on our way back!

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