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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vacation! Day 3 at the Aquarium

Birch Aquarium at Scripps in San Diego

Riding on Dada's shoulders!  Good way to keep her close by!

Family pic with the eels! Lovely.

She really enjoyed looking at all these fish! 

Huge aquarium! Love this pic!

Cool Crab! 

Hanging out in the stroller. We used tons of hand sanitizer!!

Family pic outside! It was a great view!

Whitney playing in the water with boats

Colton, Papa, Me, Whit, & Clayton at the Scripps Aquarium

Shark Attack!

End of the fun aquarium.  We used our student ID's so it only cost $10 ea. and Whitney was free!  We bought a cool puzzle for us and some fun little toys for Whitney.  I'm thinking next time we should go to SeaWorld! Right!?

She probably would have jumped in! Ha ha! The weather was amazing! So nice with a cool wind!

Walking around a park by the ocean

Relaxing with Dada, enjoying the cool ocean breeze.

Thomas finished our puzzle!  He's good! Me... well, I found a few matches!


  1. I adore her little chubby cheeks! She's so dang cute and I think she's putting on some weight! AWESOME! I'm glad she loved the fishes. Caleb ADORES the aquarium. Heck, he freaks over the fish at Petsmart. lol

  2. Beautiful :) that little boy is growing! You do pregnant beautifully Alicia <3 Love and miss you guys lots. Xoxo Whitney for me! And yes to Seaworld! She would love it.