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Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's A Boy!!

I love how I could just "feel" or "tell" that I was going to have a boy.  When I was pregnant with Whitney, I could also just "feel" that I was having a girl. I know a lot of women who guess the correct gender of their baby too!   We are so very excited to have a boy now!

Thomas and I went to the Dr. today to have our anatomy ultrasound!  They have to look at every little detail of the baby's body.  Yes, I was really nervous about it.  But everything looks good with our baby boy! Of course it's always in the back of my mind that something has to be wrong... IDK, like, heart or cleft palate or club foot or his genes?  Obviously it's not though! haha! Maybe something will go wrong with me or the delivery?  IDK , call me pessimistic or realistic, whatever, but after having Whitney, and knowing about soooo many things that can happen, I probably won't "believe" baby boy is truly healthy until he's like a year old!  :)  It's just how I deal with things!  Also, apparently everyone who has had health problems should get a level 2 ultrasound.  Dr. said they didn't miss anything but that the level 2 ultrasound will go into greater detail and double check that everything is good!  So we will do that in a few weeks!  After the Dr. appt., Thomas and I went to the mall for some food and to find something cute to announce our boy with! Something to take a picture of and text it to everyone.  I thought maybe an outfit, or a tie on my belly, or cute little booties or a hat.  Then we saw Mrs. Field's cookies an thought it would be better to have it written on one!  The girl was so nice and even excited for us! haha! She did a great job at writing the It's a Boy and even added in 3 little cookies!  I'm glad we were a little creative with our reveal!  Of course Thomas was dying to eat the cookie so we did! haha! After taking tons of pictures of it!

Now for a follow up on little miss Whit:
When she a woke this morning, she threw up... but it wasn't brown!  It was the normal yellow-clear color!  Then while sitting on the couch watching the price is right she threw up again.  Then with OT, we put her in her high chair and immediately she gags till she threw up again.  Then a couple hours later threw up again and I rushed her to the sink. Then this evening, while we were swimming she got a tiny bit of water in her mouth, she... threw up again.  If you lost count, that's 5 times today!  I really don't think there was a trigger (except for the high chair and pool water) but that she's just getting "use to" a new tube again.  She threw up this much the first week or so when she got her GJ tube, so it's probably just because they irratated everything inside her again.  But at least none of it was brown color!  I feel so bad for her when it comes out her nose! That's painful and she gasps for air! Other than that she had a great day with swimming and a really long nap.  Well, I didn't get a nap, so I'm going to bed now!

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