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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Time

Now this is Arizona summer! 95-110 degrees everyday!  We've pretty much been swimming or to splash pads every other day for the past month!!  I love the smells of summer! All the sunscreen, chlorine, and BBQ's!  I love the heat too! Getting into a burning hot car knowing you'll be cooled off soon by the cold water or A/C.  Soaking up the sun while splashing in cool water.  Relaxing in the big pool. Getting back into the burning hot car when your cold and wet. It's just so fun!  Whitney and I like to swim when Daddy gets home from work, the pool is still warm but the sun is going down so it's shady.  And daddy and I take turns holding Whitney.  Whitney doesn't like arm floaties or life vests, maybe because they are too big on her or just not as fun as being free!  She's too young to learn how to swim and if she accidentally goes under, she'll throw up (in the rocks).  Whitney and I also like to go to splash pads with Gramma in the late mornings or before nap time.  Whit is good at going out there by herself and having so much fun with the other kids! Her swimming suit works perfectly with her tubie! You can't really see her tube/extension so no one touches or pulls it! I think with a one piece her extension will press on her skin and leave a mark, which is not comfortable! I bought this one last year on sale, so I might go get another like it! Remember that Whitney can only be off of her feeding pump for 2 hours a day! I give about 30 mins for "errors" and refilling the bag with formula.  So for those precious 1 1/2 hours not wearing the back pack, we are getting wet one way or another!

Trying to play with the big kids! Which makes me super nervous!

Squirt Gun!

Really good at making friends! 

These fountains were way fun too!

This towel robe is adorable and works so well!  It's easy to just change her diaper and put this on for the car ride home!

Speaking of cars, she loves to "drive!" And gets so excited when we go somewhere.  She has a jeep and little kids car at home. Plus she likes to play with toy cars!

My parents had to empty the water in their pool this summer.  But it's so fun playing in it while it's filling back up!

I didn't blow this toy up good enough!

My bro and sis in law stayed at this vacation home in Mesa for a few weeks while house hunting.  It had an awesome pool!

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