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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vacation! Days 1 & 2 at the Beach

We are at Oceanside, CA! Bumming off my parents time share! We've been going to this same condo for the past like 10 years!  We really love it here!  There use to be a beach right down the street but now there is no sand on it so we drive to one past the pier and have to pay to park! Oh well. When we got here on Monday afternoon we got ready to go to the beach!  It was super cold and cloudy!

Whitney was so excited to play in the ocean! She ran out the the ocean and it was ice cold but that didn't stop her!  She wanted to go in even deeper!  We were really cold and she didn't want to get out!  She even got knocked down twice by some big waves.  We eventually took her to the tent to get warmed up a bit.  But as soon as she as dried off and warmer, she wiggled free and ran back out to the ocean!  She was laughing and screaming and running everywhere!  I tried holding her hand but she pulls away.  So I stood right next to her the whole time, it's a little scary with all those waves.  When she started shivering again I took her back in.  Then Thomas went out with her, then came back in.  Then mom went out with her and came back in. Then my dad went out with her for a while and came back in!   This girl is absolutely obsessed with the ocean!  She was crazy!   We taped her GJ tube good because we don't want and sand irritating it or anything else that could go wrong!  But most kids enjoy the beach just fine with out covering the tube.  We put gauze on top of the tube and covered in a big piece of tegaderm (tape). 

We also went to the beach on Tuesday too!  The beach was way more crowded today than yesterday.   It was actually really sunny and warm out!  That made it much easier to enjoy the ice cold water.  Whitney played out in the sand for about an hour before she fell asleep!  So we made up a nice comfy spot in the tent for her to sleep.  Thomas and I laid down beside her and slept for about 2 hours! I'm surprised she sleept that long!  Mom and Clayton were also relaxing/sleeping while Dad and Colton went bogie boarding and walked on the Jette.  I'm just kind of nervous to get in the freezing water while I'm 19 weeks pregnant!   When we woke up we played in the ocean for another two hours or so.  I'm glad she didn't go in as far as she did yesterday.   She mostly just ran around the shallow part but still went in pretty far.  We found a couple of cool shells to collect.   It was so much fun!  She also played in the sand this day and saw sand crabs!

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  1. I have been following your blog since Whitney was only a few months old. I just had to say how cute her little bun on her head it in the pictures on day one! I'm glad you all had a good time, especially Whitney!