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Monday, June 4, 2012

home from the Hospital!

It was a very long hospital stay for my little miss Whit and we are super happy to be home!  The first week back home she was very tired and just layed around all day.  So it took a little while to get back in her "groove."  She was also still throwing up 5-6 times a day! Lots of retching because there is nothing in her stomach.  She would vomit bile/stomach juices. I really hope the Prevacid is helping it to not be so acidic! She was really stuggling with that when she came home.  We took her off the augmentin and that seemed to help decrease her vomiting.  It took her body a little while to get use to her new GJ tube because now there is a big tube in her pylorus which can also "tickle" and cause retching.  Whitney also had to get use to wearing a little backpack all day!  It weighs about 2 lbs (with the pump and formula in it) so it's a bit heavy when sitting down, which is why she would always lay down.  We had friends come over to help cheer her up too!  We went to church and nursey to help cheer her up too!  I think it worked!  It's so hard on little ones to be in the hospital.  Whitney is pretty much amazing and is happy as ever!  Now she loves her back pack and knows that she needs to wear it!  She is very corpoorative about putting it on! And when it beeps from an error, she runs to me and turns around so I can fix it! Thanks to Rach for the adorable dress and all the food and goodies! and to my mom for helping out so much with everything we needed, and to my hubby for always spending the night with me! And to all my family members that visited! And thanks to Thomas's parents for all the dinners and to Brandis and Raya for extra medical supplies and Alix and to Jillian and Allison for food and hanging out! And lot's of people in our ward for prayers and coming by with food or toys for us! We appreciate everything so much and are so grateful for amazing friends and family.

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