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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hospital Stay (Surgery and GJ tube)

The good news is that after a 17 days in the hospital, Whitney was able to come home! She got a Mic-key button GJ tube and is on a continuous feed 22 hours a day, so she gets to wear a cute backpack all day.  During Whitney's hospital stay she had the major surgery, ileus for a week, 3 different IV's, PICC line for TPN, echocardiogram, and 3 seperate GJ tube placements! Lot's of x-rays and medications too. 

Basically this long hospital stay consisted of lot's of TV and movies, lots of toys and book readings, lots of family and friends coming to visit, lots of crying and pain, lots of sleeping and being very bored, lots of scary or annoying nurses and doctors, lots of throwing up and being sick, lots of wagon rides and walking outside, and lots of hugs and kisses!

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  1. Oh how I just love this sweet little girl! She is so strong and so awesome and so beautiful!! I love all the photos! You and Thomas are wonderful parents! It was sure fun sitting behind you in church the other day! Whitney is so loved by all your family! Prayers always being sent your way!