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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Whitney's yearly visit to the AZ Pediatric Eye Specialist, DR. G.  His office is much closer to us than Phoenix Childrens Hosptial.  My mom came with us to help with Whitney so that I can take notes.  When we got there I filled out some paper work while Whitney and her Gramma hung out in the hallway because the waiting room was really crowded! 
The minute we were called back and walked into the exam room Whitney starts screaming and crying.  She is so anxious and scared that it makes me so sad.  Then she throws up all over the equipment and chair and floor and Gramma. 
The nurse then put drops in her eyes to dilalate them.  Then we wait out in the hallway again for about 30 minutes.  Whitney was okay just running around the halls!

Laying on the floor

Sitting on the chair

Taking pictures of herself

Pictures with Gramma

Then they called back in to have the Dr. look at her eyes.  At first she did okay.  He had her follow a light with both eyes, then individually.  The he turned the lights off and she started crying again.  It was hard for Dr. G to look into her squinted, teary eyes, but eventually he was finished. 
He told me that she fixates really well. Whitney is still moderately far-sided.  So a little bit more so than the norm.   But he says she can see really well either way.  We just have to watch out for eye-crossing.  If she starts to cross her eyes then she'll need glasses.  He told us this last year as well and so far Whitney does not cross her eyes!
HERE is the link about Whitney's last eye dr. appt., it's towards the end of the post

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