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Monday, January 30, 2012

What happens when the toddler starts to climb

They all fall down!

Whitney K. is 18 months old and weighs 19 lbs 5 oz. She is 100% G-tube depentant but!  She is definitely improving with food because she is actually putting it to her mouth and licking it!  She won't eat it but at least she is getting brave enough to taste it! That's awesome that she is becoming interested in food and we are on our way! (FYI it took a year to achive this step...) 

Whitney is also learning a lot of new words/signs!  She can sign about 20 words which include: More, All Done, Up, Down, Please, Help, Sleep, Eat, Dog, Cat, Duck, Butterfly, Hat, Phone, Shoes, Bye Bye, Hi, Bubbles, Bath, Ball, Book, and Car.  Plus she knows her body parts and signs to many different songs like Popcorn Popping, My hands Upon my Head, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pat a Cake, and much more!  I'm going to start working on "food" signs like milk, water, cheese, cracker, apple, banana, drink, and cup. 

Getting ready for a bath!

And back to title... They all fall down and get hurt!  Poor girl, no one was watching her while she was in her Great Grandma's room watching tv.  Whitney has started climbing up her G.G.'s chair to sit with her and apparently this time she slipped off.  Happened on Sunday and I ran in there from the kitchen to see her sitting on the floor screaming.  I gently picked her up, making sure she wasn't gushing blood :) or broken :) She wasn't so I carried her to the sink where she threw up and I rinsed her off.  She didn't complain about it much that night so I think she's okay! But it does look so sad!  

But she is still into climbing! 

 Eventually she did get up by herself! She can get down by her self too but not very gracefully!!

 All done and clean from her bubble bath!

In her bath today though, was the first time she's ever thrown up in it! Whitney loves her baths! She hates drying off (ears, nose, eyes, and gtube) and hates lotion!  But loves taking long, warm, bubble baths.  She has though, several times, thrown up right after a bath on her changing pad, but this was the first time in the bath tub. 
So I was putting conditioner in her hair while the tub was filling up with bubbles.  I told her to wash her feet. Then to wash her face.  Whitney had a ton of bubbles in her hands and put it all on her face! I started to laugh then she was crying and choking.  She put bubbles in her mouth!  I washed them out but she was trying to too, with a hand full of bubbles!, so I grabbed her hands and rinsed them off and then I continued to get the bubbles off of her face. She was fine but she spit up a little bit, then spit up a lot!  So I drained the tub, and refilled with clean water and put in only a tiny bit of bubbles!  She had fun playing the rest of the time thank goodness!  

Sometimes I like to do her hair in a pony tail or pig tails, instead of just plain down.  Whitney's hair gets in her face and mouth a lot so then I just put it in a simple messy pony tail. Pig tails are hard for me and get messy fast! and the only way to get rid of them to cut the hair tie out and bathe. Plus Whitney complains when I do her hair, even just nice brushing.  But, with her sitting on the piano bench playing the piano is the only way I can do her hair!   And it still has to be quick!  (BTW she can climb on the bench herself too).  

She can also climb on the couches!  I guess we're at the stage where I can never turn my back!  Next thing I know she'll be climbing on top of the table!! 

I don't really like the pig tails on her so I found matching hair clips and made them into a bun! 

Whitney lost the Ipod touch yesterday and she found it today! Thanks hun but I'm going to hide it now! 

The last few days have been really full! We have the usual OT and FT this week but she also has an eye doctor appointment to just follow up/ check up from the one a year and a half ago!  Make the most of your last day in January this year!!

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  1. I love all the photos of her :) Her poor sad little leg. But don't worry, it happens even when your right there to catch them. I love the little buns in her hair too, that looks adorable. And you shouldn't have jinxed yourself about the table! Caiden LOVED climbing on the table and then dancing when he was her age. The joys!