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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Las Vegas Vacation

Thomas and I have the opportunity to go on a little vacation getaway to Las Vegas and Disneyland.  It was amazing and we had a ton of fun!  Thomas got the week off work a long time ago as we where planning to vaca in Hawaii with Whitney, but some things came up and we were unable to go/afford it.  :)  So my Aunt Renee lives in Las Vegas and was going out of town that week.  She gladly let us stay at her house while she was gone!  At first I really wanted to bring Whitney and found a bunch of fun things to do there for a few days.  Obviously going to the strip wouldn't have been one of them.  Then I thought more about it, the vomiting every where, tube feedings, strict schedules and nap times, and I wouldn't be very relaxing.  My mom said that she could take care of Whitney so thats what we decided to do.  It was really easy to pack for just us.  I made up a long schedule for my mom to follow for Whitneys feedings, lots of phone numbers, blended food formula receipe, and much more. 

We left on a Tuesday afternoon, a 4.5 hour drive across the Hoover Dam.  It was a very easy drive which we spilt between the two of us.  Got to Aunt R.'s house before dark and went over a few things, unpacked, she left, then Thomas and I went to the strip!

 We parked at the Bellagio because that is were my Aunt does her massages. :) The inside was nice but they were redoing the conservatory so we weren't able to see that. The fountains, though, were amazing! We saw them like four times total! 

This is a combo of two different videos so don't feel obligated to watch the whole thing cause it's quit long, but you get the drift of it. I just don't know how to shorten it yet. But it sure was way cool!

We walked around the crazy strip bombared with performers and people passing out cards of... well it's such a dirty word I don't even want to write it.  It was very noisy and bright and smokey and busy.  There were actually a lot of young families there. I remembering going once or twice as a kid and thought it was kinda fun but scary. I really don't think I will ever bring my young kids to the strip after this.  We spent about 4 hours there and I got a headache!  We went to the Miracle Mile Mall near Planet Hollywood and found a cool place to eat.  The name isn't all that great and actually very unappealing to me, it was called Cheeseburger Las Vegas. But they had great food and a large variety.  We love Hawaiian food and Thomas got this Kalua Pork Nacho and I just got some tasty chicken tenders and sweet potato fries.  This was one of the "cheaper" resturants in Las Vegas and cost us over 30$. 

We walked around a little more and I bought a shirt and one for Whitney that said "What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's" and on the bottom it says Late Nights, Junk Food, Games, Las Vegas.
On our way home we stopped at Albertsons to buy some cereal and milk and Ibuprofen.   

This is a really cool, big and shiny horse in the Bellagio entrance, which was not there the day before.  The ceiling is really cool but I have no idea what it is!


We wanted to visit the Luxor because it looked really cool on the outside.  The inside was pretty cool too.  Also, when we were looking at a dining cuisine in L.V. most of the restaurants had three or four dollar signs next to it but Rice and Co. had only two dollar signs which I think meant the dishes were over 30 $ .  We like Asian so we went in there.  They didn't have a bathroom so we had to walk across the way and when we got there the women's was closed! So we had to go all the way back down stairs.  We we finally got back up we finally got seated and they gave us a wine and beer menu... uh no thanks, then gave us a sushi menu, then finally gave us the real menu which was only two small pages.  The place was really nice looking but they played pop music... in an Asian restaurant, didn't really fit but oh well.  First we got Pan Fried Pot Stickers which were actually really yummy.  I asked the server how the salmon is and he said that it is very beautiful. So I got it although it was the most expensive salmon I've had.  It was NOT good!!  It was MUSHY and the vegetables were pathetic! Applebees has better salmon. We weren't even full so we order some soup, which I really didn't care for and almost gave me a stomach ache, although Thomas did enjoy it. The service was very poor, I drink a lot of water with my meals and sometimes it was empty.  Also they only refilled our sodas ONCE! So we learned our lesson, just because it's "fancy" doesn't mean it taste good or even has good service!  Total cost was about 70$$

We went across the street to the MGM grand but the Lions were not out, it was too late in the night to see them.  So we just went to the gift shop and took pic with the stuffed animals that we didn't buy.  We did buy Whitney a beautiful book though and a picture frame magnet. 

We loved staying at Renee's nice house!

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