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Monday, January 16, 2012


Not much to say bout Supercross cept it was AWWWWWESOMMME!!

Alicia & Thomas at Supercross in PHX Jan 2012

Lots of fireworks when announcing all the racers

Lots of green lasers and lights (promoting Monster energy drink) one of the racers in the crowd

Lots of fire too!

The race was live on SPEED

I love the take off!

And watching all of them squeeze through the first turn.

Happy Birthday Clayton!!

This was Thomas' first time ever to supercross and he loved it!

 My dad also loves supercross and has taken me every year since I was in high school!

It was a pretty intense race this year!

I liked this view from the balcony but sitting down closer is way cooler!

This is the mound of dirt that James Stewart crashed on!  He was doing so so well passing every one up on the final race only to biff at the end! I was so mad/sad! 

There were a lot of crashes this year but everyone was okay!

The whole track!  The stadium was full! 

Welp, hopefully I'll be able to go again next year!

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