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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy First Day of the New Year

I was pretty much a bum last night so I fell asleep right after I tube feed Whitney 6oz of my "blended food formula" around 11:00pm.  The hubby was pretty disappointed, I'd be too.  But for some reason I preferred being with Whitney, to make sure she was safe and didn't wake up from all the fireworks.  I would have also preferred to be in Hawaii with her Grandpa Montgomery, but he was unable to fly us out to see him and the whole Hawaiian side of Thomas' family.  Maybe next year.
Whitney threw up this morning.  Thomas feed her in 20 mins. instead of 30 mins. plus he let her climb up the stairs which is when she vomitted.  :(  He wouldn't feed her again for some reason, so I had to get up and tube feed Whitney a couple more ounces. I checked her stomach first and it was empty so I couldn't let her starve for fours hours. 
Church started at 11:00 am (which I had no idea) instead of 9 am.  But I wasn't going anyway because it was my day to stay home with Whitney (which I also prefer).  We'll take her to church after General Conference in April.  Right now church is right during her nap time.  She slept from 11:30 to 2pm, so it will be very easy for family members to stay home with her.  Suppose if we really wanted to, the person staying home could go to the 9 am sacrament meeting. 
Whitney did great with her 11 am meal in the high chair (she's into the magna doodle these days and her singing books) and fell right asleep in her crib afterwards. I did a bunch of research online about tube weaning programs and such.  One in patient intensive tube wean program says kids have to be at least 2 years old.  Doing it from home sounds like a ton of work and takes a long time and most parents fail a few times and I don't think I know enough to be able to do it my self.  But I will definitely be looking more into it because that is obviously one of my new year goals. 
I gave her a bath right after her nap and right before her meal.  Whitney then threw up part of her 3pm meal of 5oz for 30 mins, she was simply sitting in her high chair and no one saw it coming.  yay.  BUT yesterday was vomit free...who knows why!?! I didn't get my hopes up about it and this is why...she threw up twice today.  I also go a nap in today.  Played Rummy cube with my mom and grandma.  Anyway that was pretty much my day.  I have to feed Whitney at 11pm and that will end my day.
I'm looking forward to many fun things this month.  This week, Thomas and I are going on a little getaway vacation.  Thanks to my mom being able to take care of Whitney for us.  I wanted to take her at first, then realized it wouldn't be much fun mopping up barf twice a day and messing with tube feedings  and trying to keep her safe and protected. So Thomas and I are going alone to spend a couple days in Las Vegas and a couple of days at Disneyland.  So fun! Also this month we are going to Super Cross! I'm going to a feeding disturbances conference. And my hubby turns 27! And we are hoping for a phone call from either Denver or Midwestern about accepting us to Dental School.  If we don't, then Thomas has one more chance with an interview at Loma Linda.

Here are a few pictures of Whitney on the last day of 2011.  This is one of her favorite new Christmas presents!  Daddy set it up for her in the morning while I was out to breakfast with my two friends.  He said she played in it all morning!  The ball pit didn't come with very many balls and when I went to Target that night I couldn't find any so I just got a bunch of cheap wiffle balls for now :)  She still loves playing in her ball pit though! 
And the last picture if of Whitney playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, Thomas said she planted a claymore. Whatever the heck that is... :)


  1. I'll keep an eye out for those balls Alicia. THey should have them at Wal-Mart. Also look at Kid to Kid, you can just bleach them. I may have some still though, I'll check!

  2. "Planted a claymore". Ahahaha! Atta girl! I may need to make that last picture my new laptop wallpaper for school!