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Monday, February 20, 2012

About Our Weekend

Alright, enough blog posts about the doctor and therapy appointments!  Although Whitney did get her next to last synagis shot this week and had OT.  Friday was a nice relaxing day as was Saturday.  But on Saturday Whitney threw up once.  Later she got her very first bee sting!  Ouch!  She was outside for a while and a bee came in but my dad squished it.  My whole family went to Mesa for a choir concert.  Thomas and I were in the kitchen cleaning and doing dishes while Whitney was looking out the back door and playing.  All of a sudden she starts crying and didn't stop, so Thomas got her and I examined her and didn't see anything wrong.  I looked down at her feet and saw something on her left big toe.  I picked her up and held her still while Thomas examined it, thinking she just scraped some skin off.  He pulled it off and I asked if it was a stinger!  It was!  We examined her to make sure she was breaking out or having any allergic symptoms.  But she was fine.  We looked over by the door and saw a bee on the ground.  She must have stuck her foot out the doggie door and got stung or brought the bee in!?  Unless it was already in, because there were a lot of bees outside.  FYI Whitney is already extremely afraid of bees, and anything that really flies at her!  Right then my mom called about something and I told her Whit got stung.  She said to put baking soda/water paste on it and to get some essential oil.  Whitney pretty much stopped crying when we ran water over her feet.  She loves running water and it will distract her from pain and even vomiting! After we were done she didn't seem like it was bothering her at all, she stopped crying and didn't point to it. So I didn't give her any tylenol and we went about our day.

The culprit!

Were it happened

 Standing by the dying Bee

Sometimes we call Whitney our "delay fish" (aka Dory from Finding Nemo).  After the vomit and the bee sting we barely made it on time to our family dinner!  But they don't mind if we're late, as long as we get there!  But we were always late to things even before Whitney came along! haha!  Oh well!  Although I do like to be punctual, so we'll try harder!  At Thomas parents house we hung out with his brothers and parents and ate delicious kabobs!  Then we copied and folded the ward program and dropped it off at the church.  Thomas stayed tube feeding Whitney in the car while I went in and spent a minute at a friends wedding reception. 

On Sunday, Whitney threw up three times!  I think it was the flax seed oil in her blenderized food formula.  I accidentally put it in with the avocado and that's too much oil for her!  My dad stayed home with her while we all went to church.  We rotate every week!  Keeping Whitney home again from church and other social/crowded activates or stores has really helped keep her healthy!  I'm so grateful for all the help and support we get!  So after she threw up with her Papa P. he let her play in the sink while he washed her off. (of course he didn't get all her hair so she still smelled like barf).  She played for like an hour in the sink!  My dad's like, I don't think she'll ever get tired of the running water!  I texted him saying, nope! she sure won't but she does need to take her nap!  It's so nice when Whit gets to spend one on one time with her grandparents! Thomas gave her another bath of course! So her late nap made for a late night.  She just wouldn't go to sleep, even when I wanted too!  We put her in bed with me and she just climbed off.  So Thomas watched her and took some pictures. 

We bought these princess's for her at Disneyland earlier this year.

Usually she likes Belle the best but it seems she liked Ariel tonight

 Sometimes they go Ni Night too!

Hopefully they won't get all chewed up! haha!

Today is Presidents Day.  My dad and sisters had work off, and the boys had school off.  My hubby, Jessica's hubby, Brianna's Fiance all had to work though!  I thought we were just going to go on a bike ride but I guess everyone wanted to go hiking instead!?  So we went to Thunderbird Park and hiked up a hill where we can see the Phoenix Arizona Temple construction site!  They already dug a whole and put up some bricks to start the basement! We are so excited to have an LDS Temple near us!  Click on the two links to learn more about Temples!  Any way, our hike was pretty uneventful but really fun!

Whitney walked till we got the the mountain, then I caried her in my pack.

 I should admit, I was huffin' and puffin' and praying I would make it!  Haha!

 I made it about 3/4 the way up!  Yeah, I know, totally outa shape with 20 lbs extra on my back!

Water break

 Luckily, my Mom is a beast and carried Whitney the rest of the way up!

 We made it! A 20 min. hiked turned to 30 mins!

My family with the Temple Site in the back ground (it's by the blue crane next to the church building)

 Walking around the rocks!  Poor Cacti!

 Likes wearing Gramm's sunglasses

 Papa P. also helped carry Whitney a little! 

 At the site! I highly recommend this hike and seeing the construction site! I was tube feeding Whitney in the car!  She fell asleep on the way down while Gramma carried her.

Afterwards, I showered while Whitney slept. Then I bathed Whitney and did our normal routine and she didn't throw up today! yay!  We also went to Thomas's parents house again for Family Home Evening!  Then went to cold stone with them! Yummy!  Ice cream is my weakness, but at least I got a good work out this morning haha!  I know, I know, no excuse!    There was a family there that thought Whitney was so cute.  And even the little girl was all like "She's cute like me!" It was funny! Now my little one is in bed and I need to do fold clothes, maybe...  Anyways, life is good!

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