Battle with Right-Sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


After the GI appointment, we had about 2 hours till our next appointment with the Pediatric Surgeon. We sure didn't want to spend a half hour driving home then a half hour driving back then another half driving home again.  So we packed up and drove to a mall while Whitney fell asleep in her car seat.  My mom went in to Macy's to find little girl dresses for my sister's upcoming wedding.  I stayed in the car and tube feed Whitney.  Afterwards, I drove to Subway for lunch.  I used my giftcard to buy a $5 foot long!  :) My mom and I split it and ate quietly in the car while Whit was napping.

We got back to the hospital and got up to the office right on time for our appt.  but they said it would be a little bit. So I ask, like 20 mins? And the receptionist said yeah.  That waiting room was really crowded so once again, we wait in the hall way.  Whit had lots of fun getting drinks of water, running around, and waving hi to everyone coming and going from the elevator. 

  After me asking a couple times :) they finally got us back after over an hour of waiting!  (which really put us behind on Whitney's feeding schedule).  Surprisingly after crying again, Whitney didn't vomit this time either. 


I though they were going to replace her mic-key button but they didn't. (the dr. was in a hurry I think). I asked about the mini button and she said that they would order one for us! The only difference is that it has a much smaller profile on the outside. Cool.

Dr. G. (surgeon) approves an Endoscopey for Whitney and wants to be there to see her stomach and other things too and to make sure everything goes well. She can also replace the g-tube at that time.

They also showed us the results of the upper-GI and small bowel follow through.  Theres no obstuction in her bowels.  But she noticed, and was surprised the the radiologist didn't notice,  that Whitney's stomach is really long!  In the X-ray it practically goes down to her hips!  She's apparently never noticed this before.  I was really surprised to learn that Whitney has a big stomach, mostly cuz she can't handle a large volume of food.  But the Doc. said that maybe food is pooling and the bottom of her stomach and can't get into the small intestine because of the weird shape!  I know it's confusing with out the picture but hopefully that makes sense! 

While Dr. G. was examing Whitney's g-tube, CDH repair scar, and ECMO scar, she was telling the nurses that Whitney survived all of that and that Whitney her Super-Star!  I call Whitney my miracle!  Either way she is amazing and has beaten the odds!


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  1. It's Jessi. I saw your family photo in the NyICU the other day when I was doing my rotation. I once again told the nurses about some one's I knew who had a daughter that made it through all of that. The NyICU nurses remembered her without me saying your names. She really is a super star and Miracle. :)