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Friday, October 8, 2010

My Princess

It has been a REALLY busy week! Here are some recent pictures I know you all have been dying to see! My baby girl is the cutest ever!

A lot of you have been asking how much longer Whitney will need to be on oxygen for. The pediatrician says that she wants Whitney to go to a normal 20 calorie diet of formula and still gain weight and eat good. Right now she is on 24 cals and it'll decrease by two calories at a time. Then Whitney will no longer need the support of the oxygen. Which, honestly, I can't wait for! It's getting to be annoying with the long tubing and the monitor. But I don't complain because I'm just grateful she's home! So basically another couple of months. She is eating really well but still needs the extra calories because she's in the lower percentile (but still on the charts) and definitely don't want her to lose weight.
She's been home for about 3 weeks & 4 days!

Whitney on her changing pad giving a big sneeze! It's fun to capture moments like this!

Another irresistible moment you just can't pass up!

This is our first General Conference! HAHA! Classic General Conference picture, of course we're not really asleep. (We quit enjoyed all the parts we got to hear!) But we did wear our PJ's all day. The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints holds a conference in Utah (broad casted though out the whole world) every April & October. Our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson and his counselors speak to us on various subjects that inspire them.

This week Whitney had her physical therapist work with her on different stretches for her hands and shoulders and neck. I'm glad they come to help us out. It's called AzEIP (Arizona Early Intervention Program) and is for any babies under 3 who are 50% deficient in some area of development.

Whitney also had an eye exam this week. They dilated her eyes with some drops, we waited 20 minutes, then Dr. G. checked them. (His office is in a really fancy building by Arrowhead Hospital and he was a really good Dr.) Whitney's eyes look really good in general, we are so happy because sometimes the ECMO and Oxygen can have a bad effect on baby eyes. She's moderately far-sided though. Babies are born far-sided, so she is a little bit more than usual. The Doc said that she focuses though it very well and should get better with in the year.

When going to these appointments we make sure that she is covered up! We (my mom and me) take Whitney (and the portable oxygen tank and monitor in her car seat ) with the car seat cover over it and make sure no one touches her or even breathes on her and that the Dr.'s and nurses wash their hands well. We just don't expose her to crowds of strangers, but if someone wants to see us that's okay if they or anyone around them is NOT sick.

How can you resist that face!

Mommy and her Princess!

I'm so glad that so many people read Whitney's Blog and share her miraculous story to their family and friends!


  1. She is so cute! Jeremy said she's like a troll doll with all her hair (a very cute troll doll). Glad she is doing so well! We would like to come see her sometime when it's ok with you guys! And after my runny nose clears up really well. Thanks for the update, The last two pictures are my favorites, so cute!!!

  2. ADORABLE!!! As always, of course~

    Thank you again for keeping this blog updated. It's also very informative most the time, answering questions or cutting them off. And I always enjoy the photos!

    Thanks again! Keep going, Whitney, you're doing beautiful!

  3. Alicia,

    Whitney is absolutely gorgeous..and you two are such amazing parents to that little princess! I love reading your blog and enjoy watching her grow, she's getting so big! She is truly a great blessing. God bless you guys and I pray she continues to do well! Can't wait until Julian and I can finally meet her one day :)