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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby's 1st Easter 2011

After reviewing my blog, I completely forgot to post about Easter! Whoops! So here it is!

First off, I made an Easter basket for Whitney.  Thomas didn't want me to waste money to buy one, so I looked up online about how to make an Easter basket.  There were a bunch of not so easy ones, and then this one!  I remembered we had just finished a huge bucket of ice cream my sister Brianna bought to make Reese's or Oreo Shakes for.  So I quickly dug it out of recycling, washed it out, and ta-da!  Well it actually took a lot of work and I used most of the stuff I already had on hand. But it needed more than just cute paper and ribbon, so I went to the store and bought the butterflies, flowers and words. So it ended up costing more than if I had bought one! Ha Ha, but Thomas was proud that I made it!

It says, Whitney's 1st Easter 2011

I set Whitney next to her Easter basket that I gave her. (The dress is from my mom, though).  She was too busy chewing on her oxygen tube.  But she finally noticed it and started to pull out all the toys and book with some foam eggs, but no candy for her! She's only 9 months old.  Also an egg of bunnies! In the picture, she has the one stuck on her finger is and is trying to shake it off!

My mom also got Whitney an Easter basket full of fun new toys!

It's been a tradition for my family to take a picture in our new outfits before we change right after church.  So the tradition will definitely continue!  It's just so fun and I love pictures! 
Our perfect Four Generations picture!  Great-Grandma Velma Terry Barlow, Grandma Brenda Patterson, Mommy Alicia Renee Montgomery, and Baby Whitney Kaholumehekainai Montgomery.

Family Picture.  Thomas, Alicia, & Whitney.

Going for a walk out on the grass with Daddy on this beautiful Easter Sunday.  Bright, sunny, and warm with a cool breeze. Clayton is playing with the dog, Xanthia in the background :)


Baby's 1st Easter
Here's Whitney doing a macho pose!  She is getting smarter and cuter everyday.  She has an adorable personality and is a really happy, calm baby.  Unless of course I mess with her tape and nasal cannula or NG tube, or try to feed her.  She crawls pretty fast but can only go as far as the tubing allows which is about 50 feet.  She loves pulling her self up and cruising around, pulling all her toys off of the shelves and anything off the couch.  Whitney likes to sit on my lap and read a fun book.  She's has not improved with taking a bottle and only does okay with solids.  She's still in the 3rd percentile for weight.  Gaining normal amounts of weight every week but they (GI Dr.) wants her to gain catch up weight.  So she'll probably be needing the NG tube for a while longer.   

We went over to Thomas's parent's house also to celebrate Easter.  There, we got to color eggs!  Of course Thomas and his brother and sister made some very interesting ones... Ikaika made one that shaved and was all bloody, and a "dumb blond" one.  He said no offense to me! Ha Ha! Another egg had its head eaten into, brains showing,  and some kind of face disease? I don't know but it was fun.  My eggs were just colored nicely with stripes, polka dots, and Whitney initials.   We had an awesome Easter and it was way fun with Whitney!

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