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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reflux med

Quick update here,  went to the cardiologist Dr. P. today and ....  everything is going great!  He is very happy with how the medicine is working and being off oxygen. The great news is that he now only wants to do an echocardiogram every other month!  yahoo!  It's been monthly for the past 8 months. Finally some progess!

 Last Thursday we went to the Pediatrician about a little dark bump on her arm (binine blood vessels that should go away in a couple years).  We told her about Whitney always throwing up and Dr. K. would talk to Dr. P. about it to see if he thinks it's the new medicince or not.  They called me on Friday and said it probably wasn't but more stress reflux.  Decided to start a new med called Zantac.  It's like the Prevacid that Whitney was on before but less powerful. The Prevacid made her vomit so I stopped that a long time ago, which is why I was fine with giving her another type of reflux medicine. I called the GI dr. also to make sure this was okay and his nurse said yes it would be good for her.   Dr. P. wants me to see if there is a pattern to her vomiting now.  So now she is "only" vomiting once a day in stead of 2-4 times a day.

  I think now the reason why she vomits is because she has dry mouth!  No idea why! It's not really a side effect of either medication. And she has never really drooled much any way. She's actually getting in her top front teeth, like really poking through and I had no idea till today when we were playing! I'm so excited though to see her cute little teeth! At 10 months old! So Whitney doesn't have much saliva which is probably why she gags (then throws up) when eating little baby puffs that I break in half.  Luckily she still goes for them herself!  So this issue will be another working progess.

 This is going to be another busy week for the poor little girl!  Appointments everyday really throws off her schedule and it's harder to get her to eat.  All these weight checks and therapies!  Can't wait for a little vacation!

As my mom and I were watching Oprah, Whitney was playing with all her toys.  She went over to the bookshelf and pulled her self up to see the books on the top shelf which is about her eye level.  She would carefully grab a book, sit down to "read" it, flipping through all the pages.  Then toss it aside, stand up and grab another book, sit down to read,  then get another, and she did this for every single book (seriously, like Ten books)! It was so adorable to us!  I need to get her more books haha!

Also today, Whitney really enjoyed playing in her bath.  She didn't try to get out this time and would crawl all around in the tub!  She was splashing and laughing to whole time!  I love her so much!  I hopeing that my whole blog packed full of information and fun will help everyone who reads it!  Especially my family and friends and all mommy's & daddy's with children with medical problems or special needs!  And to Whitney who will one day read it and learn from it.  I know that I am very blessed to have her in my life and pray I will raise her to be the very best she can be.

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  1. Hello. I am so happy to read about how great Whitney is doing. My name is Dorothy Olds and I am a very soon-to-be mom of a RCDH baby. Your blog has helped me get through my pregnancy and has given me much hope. It has been wonderful to be able to read about another family living with RCDH. I actually started my own blog in response to seeing yours. Tomorrow is my induction date, so I just stopped by to view you blog one more time before the big day. Thank you and I wish you the very best!