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Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

Happy Mother's Day everybody!  This was my very first official Mother's Day.  And wow, ya never realize how much work it really is until you've been a mom and then how much you really do appreciate your mom and all the other mom's out there.  They sacrifice so much to raise and nurture children. I do believe that that is our divine role here on earth.  Even if you are not a mother, you can be motherly!  Always treat children with kindness and love and honesty!  Service and patience are  also excellent quality's mother's posess.  Thank you mom for being such a wonderful mother to me and my siblings!  You truly are a great example!  And Thank you Mom in law for raising my amazing husband and an awesome family! You are also so loving towards me!  You are both fantastice Grandma's as well!   I love you!
New mommy, Alicia, holding precious daughter, Whitney, for the first time. I was 23 (almost 24)  years old and Whitney was 15 days old. I love this picture so much,  I cherish that moment always. She is looking right at me, as if to simply say, I love you mommy. 

And here we are now.  Still cherishing every moment I have with this beautiful daughter of God.  I feel humbled to have such a miracle. I hope I can be as good of a mom to my children as my moms were and are still to us. 

"Don't lose your way, with each passing day, you've come so far, don't throw it away. Live believing, dreams are for weaving wonders are waiting to start. Live your story, faith hope and glory hold to the truth in your heart. If we hold on, together, I know our dreams will never die. Dreams see us through to forever, where clouds roll by, for you and I."

I love this song, it's by Diana Ross but I also love Keali'i Reichel's version. My mom use to sing this everytime we watched the movie, The Land Before Time.


  1. Hey, just a small comment from a stalker. First, It was so good to see you at church. And to meet your sweet little girl. she is so cute! I'm very happy for you, because you look so happy and excited with life. Glad Whitney is off the O2. Praying that she will only progress further.

  2. I love you Alicia!! You are an amazing mother, so full of love and patience. Your ability to accomplish everything necessary - emotionally, physically, and spiritually,- to care for all of Whitney’s needs are so inspiring and exemplary. Your love and caring for this special daughter will be recognized in the records of heaven forever. Whitney will have so much love and gratitude for all you have done to help her throughout her challenges. I am so grateful to be Whitney's Gramma and so happy you are all living with us. I love being home with you both, that I may participate also in the care and experiences of sweet little Whitney; it is truly a sacred blessing from our Heavenly Father. She is a joyous miracle and I love her dearly.

    Love you so much,