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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby's 1st Hair Cut

These are my beautiful Mother's Day roses from my hubby.  He waited till after the day to get my flowers so that they would be cheaper.  Works for me!  I love roses!  After a while, I dry them, then cut off the whole stem and put them back in the vase.

My skinny little girl getting a bath. She can sit in the tub herself but even with a mat on the ground she still slips and will try to get out of the tub!  So this little seat is way easier for both of us.

Whitney 'eating' in her swing 

Whitney's long hair in her eyes all the time.  So  I always have to do a pony tail to keep it out of her eyes.  Thinking about for a while and I finally decided to get her bangs cut.

I went to my hairstylist to get Whitney's bangs cut! She did a really good job!  Whitney was okay at first but after 5 mins she started getting really upset so I had to hold her. This hair cut is so easier to manage.   I love my daughters long hair, but with all the tape we use on her face and behind her neck , it would have been that much easier to do if she were a bald baby.  

My little princess is doing amazing.  Gross motor skill wise she is fantastic!  She'll even stand on her own for like 10 seconds and loves to walk with me holding her hands.  She loves to explore and crawl around the house.  Whitney's not tolerating the new medicine, vomiting 2-4 times a day. We are still working on that though.  She is sat ing in the high 90's which is excellent, but nausea is horrible.  So she gags on some puffs in the high chair and will throw up.  Doesn't seem very interested in spoon feeding but I'm keeping at it, helping her feel comfortable and relaxed and giving her breaks. 

She loves to talk!  Ga Ga, Ba Ba, Ah Da Da, Ma Ma, Broom Broom Broom! Brra Brra, Plus I think her first real intended word is Dog! Every time she see's the little dog or a picture of a dog she will say dog or dag. Whitney is so sweet and precious and growing up so fast! I love being her mommy and staying home with her all day!


  1. Aww her hair cut is adorable, especially when it's in a ponytail and only the front bangs are down.. LOVE IT!

  2. Love the cute hair cut!! We'll pray that her puking gets better.

  3. She's SO CUTE! I agree that it looks super cute with her hair held back in a ponytail like in that second-to-last picture.

    Don't forget to teach her how to say "Auntie"!