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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Whitney's 1st Picnic April 2011

Picnic in the backyard with the dog Xanthia

Picnic with Daddy's across the street from his work

We removed Whitney's NG tube to replace it and have it out for her baby blessing and to see how she did without it.  Now we are getting ready to put it back in, so I bathed her and took everything off her face.
Practicing being a doctor.  

After the tube and oxygen are back in place.  Little did we know that after my perfect taping job, Whitney would throw it up the next day!

I went to the Dentist (my dad) to get my teeth cleaned!  Whitney came to show off to all of my old co-workers.  Sometimes I miss being a dental assistant.

I put Whitney's hair in a half pony tail and stuck it straight up to see how it would dry.

It dried awesomely fluffy!

We finally got our second opinion about getting the cardiac cath done.  We went to Phx Children's and saw Dr. G. ( the husband of the pediatric surgeon)!  They did an echo and his opinion was basically the same as our cardiologist, Dr. P.  There are numerous reasons why  a cardiac cath would be beneficial:  get better pictures with the dye, know what the pressures in her heart really are, balloon open her arteries, close the ASD and PDA,  and determine if the oxygen or the medicine would help better.  The Dr. said that he would trust the other dr. to do it on his kids or that he would be happy to do it.  So I'd prefer our original Dr.'s partner to do it.  So it is scheduled for May 4th.  I really want her off the oxygen so I can take her to the beach in June and to the family reunion.  It's fine with me if she still need the feeding tube but she is doing pretty good with solids lately. 

We usually do our weight checks today but the office said that they are too busy so we'll find out tomorrow!  Hopefully she gained weight, last week she weighed the exact same as the previous week which was 15 lbs 2 oz.  She is really mobile, loves to crawl and cruise and burning more calories!  She hardly takes a nap these days!  Yesterday, Whitney was crawling around down stairs and went out of the family room towards the front door.  Her tube didn't reach so I just unhooked her (I want her to be free and explore!)  but not for too long.  She saw the stairs to her left and went for them!  She pulled her self up and tried to get to the first step. I told mom to get the cameras and Thomas came too.  So mom had the video camera and I had the digial camera and Thomas was spotting Whitney!  That girl climbed every step and there's a lot!  I was so surprised!  Whitney is amazing!


  1. I am so happy to be able to follow your blog and see how amazing she is doing! One day I hope she reads this and realizes how very loved she is by so many people, and how much we have all prayed for her. She is truly one of Heavenly Fathers most special blessings here on earth.

  2. The picture of the two of you at the park is beautiful!! You both look great. It's killing me to not be able to kiss Whitney's pretty face. We are praying you get to come in June!!! We would really love to see you all! (We know Thomas wont be able to come, which makes us sad, but we understand!)

  3. She gets cuter with every picture and I think she looks like you. I'm glad you got the second opinion if for no other reason than now you have the peace of mind that you are doing the best thing for her here. And WOW I can't believe she climbed all those stairs! Go Whitney!!