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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whitney's Baby Blessing

I took over 100 pictures of Whitney's baby blessing so I wanted to share a few! 

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,  we are taught to attend church every Sunday and participate in all 3 meetings.   It was a normal Sunday, April 17, 2011.  We woke up a little earlier than usual to get ready for church.  I got my new dress on and did my make up and hair.  Thomas also got dressed in his white shirt and wore a pink tie just for Whitney.  Dad did not make the delicious oatmeal that he usually makes because we were going to be eating a big family brunch after church.  We tried to feed Whitney that morning because I took out her NG tube the night before to give her a bath and was going to replace it after the blessing.  She drank about 2 oz of the Raw Goat's Milk Formula that I make.  That amount was pretty good for her being a wake, but not good because she should have been hungry enough for at least 4 or 5 oz, but Whitney will only take that much when she is asleep while eating. 

I put a white undershirt on Whitney and some cute light pink undies over her size 2 diaper.  I carefully put the amazing dress carefully over her head as not to ruin her hair.  My friend Abbey offered to make the dress because we were "complaining" about how expensive white blessing dresses cost!  This dress turned out way better than any thing I could have bought plus it was specially made for Whitney.  Abbey and I picked out the fabric at Joanne's craft store a month  before hand.  She also made 2 flowers out of the fabric and attached pink tulle on the back and a pearl in the middle.  I did Whitney's hair in a half pony tail and clipped the flower on top.  Then I put her adorable shoes on her feet, hand sewn by Mindy, my sister in law.  They were white with a pink bow on top that matched the dress perfectly.  Also good that they were custom made because Whitney's feet are too big for a size one shoe and way to small for a size two! 

Thomas then carefully laid baby Whitney, almost 9 months old now, into her red car seat.  Trying not to wrinkle the dress when tightening the buckles.  We hooked her up to the little portable oxygen tank.  Grabbed the diaper bag filled with no noise toys and books, blanket, diapers, wipes, extra pacifer, snacks, face tape and extra oxygen tube, AND my stuff too (keys, wallet, phone, camera, water bottle).  We were only 5 minutes early but we were trying to be 20 mins early!   Whitney fell asleep on the short drive to the LDS church building

I was really nervous as Church started, feeling like I was the one giving a talk or something!  After all of the opening annoucements and prayer and hymn it was time to give Whitney her long awaited baby blessing.  Thomas got her up and my dad and Thomas's step dad (whom he's sealed to) and also the Bishop was in the small circle of Priesthood holders. Normally all of the priesthood holder relatives and close friends can help but we didn't want to over whelm Whitney more.  My brother Colton held the microphone so that Thomas could hold Whitney.  He gave her a name in the church and a wonderful blessing.  Whitney has received many priesthood blessing in her time, mostly of healing.  This was one to bless her life and future of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I was so happy to see all of my family there and  few friends to support us. A lot of my friends were missing though because they were sick or something.  And I'm sorry to say that neither one of Thomas's brother's came. I was very sad about that.  My whole extended family on both sides are members with only a few cousins and an Aunt that have fallen away from the true church.  So I've never had any problems with that, so it is difficult for me not having Whitney's uncles there.  I'm just not sure how to handle it.

Whitney did so well during her blessing, only makeing a few noises!  The rest of the meeting was really great, talking about service.  Whitney did so well during church and loved to look at every one behind her smiling and making her giggle. She loves to eat some snacks like puffs in banana or cheese flavor and she loves yogurt melts too.   We only stayed for sacrament meeting because of all the family we had visiting.  We went back to my parents house (were we live), for an awesome family brunch. Every one helped out with the food and I took pictures of everyone with Whitney.  Only my Dad's side of the family live here in AZ and they all live fairly close!  Plus there was about 50 people there!  Also of course Thomas's parents and sister came over.  Whitney actually did really well with all of these people around her!  I eventually laid her down for a nap and soon after they dispursed. 

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